1. “Yup”.
    Really? Just like that?
    Oh dear.

    Well, tell you what. Someone like Bill Gates who provides employment to millions and who then gives away money on a truly grand scale is more human than a totally normal middle of the road earner who can’t even be bothered to tithe.

    Being poor and envious alone doesn’t turn you into a “human”.

  2. I would never begrudge the poor their envy. It’s probably the thing that keeps them going. It was also the envy of the poor that transformed England from feudal slavery to a nation where we only allow a small proportion of our population to live in abject poverty. The phrase “the politics of envy” was coined by Thatcher and is based on the age old lie of the rich that the poor should know their place.

    And actually most rich people are far more consumed by envy than the poor. That’s how they become rich in the first place. And people like Gates have to do a lot more than a bit of self-aggrandizing hobby charity to clean themselves of the sins they committed as they clawed their way to a position in which they can afford their philanthropy.

  3. “You live for the fight when that’s all that you’ve got.”

    He grew up poor. There’s a reason he has these sayings.

    Like the other one he has:

    Poverty is not a virtue. It just makes access to vice more difficult.

  4. Erika, perhaps you should research the man Bill Gates before you nominate him for sainthood.

    Talk to the family of the man who disappeared from off the face of the earth never to be seen again, but whose computer code was found to be the heart of Bill Gates first software sale; DOS to IBM.

  5. David, do tell. I am intrigued.

    Or point me to where I can learn more.

    wv: bleummag

    Bleu Man mag?

  6. Just checking in briefly, as the week’s events don’t finish until Saturday, but wanted to say that I certainly have met and known significant exceptions to this “rule.”