Daily Prayer at ST. LAIKA'S today is from the Book Of Common Prayer 1662. Fans of olde worlde English should really dig it. I adore the BCP offices and show off atrociously when reciting them. The audio file also contains John Bunyan's hymn "Who would true valour see," complete with hobgoblins, and Julian Bream playing "Greensleeves."


OVER AT ST. LAIKA’S — 6 Comments

  1. Mine, too! It sent me diving for my copy of Hymns Ancient and Modern, since the version in our American hymnal was bowdlerized to remove the goblins (and the lions).

  2. enjoyed it thoroughly. thank you. I’m rather disturbed that this new ministry of yours has rapidly taken me from avoiding church services to listening to and praying along with daily prayer most every day now. I am going to have to stay far away for a few days. Can’t let become a habit.

  3. Excellent. Unfortunately the BCP is not very adaptable to seasonal themes etc. However, mainly because I love it so much, I will return to it on feria days.

  4. Feria days, wot’s that, is that like feral? Sorry, I’m not really Anglican. Please do that, it would be fabulous.