OCICBW... has today launched two new websites
- ST. LAIKA'S (a totally inclusive worship blog)
and THE ANCHORHOLD (about prayer and stuff).

Please do me a great favour and advertise
both sites on your own blogs.

Oh, and please, please, please do pop over
there yourselves, of course.

For the purpose of general hilarity, Grandmère Mimi's
name was taken in vain in this cartoon without her
permission. Grandmère Mimi blogs at


WE’RE OFF! — 9 Comments

  1. From my blog:

    There are two new blogs available this morning, both are very interesting.

    St. Laika’s is a new church community based on the brilliant ministry of Fr. Jonathon. It promises to be a place where many can come to explore both community and worship. This morning’s daily office is posted there now. I prayed with it and found it very well done indeed.

    The Anchorhold is a blog dedicated to matters of prayer. The owner is an amazing person who has much to offer you. At the moment the post that you can see is merely a test. I expect good things soon.

    I shall add these links to my permanent list on the left. I suggest you add them to your daily reading.


    So I hope both of my readers will look at them. 🙂

    Jim’s Thoughts

  2. Blogged both sites, with links, and asked my webmaster to do what he has to in order to install permanent links.

    I loved saying daily prayer with St. Laika’s. And Tobias’s post was just right.

    wv=playwhin, as opposed to “swing and a miss” this is definitely a hit out of the park, a homerun.

  3. Announced at FoJ and added to the blogroll. You have a lovely voice, Jonathan.

    May I also say I’m really happy to see you go in this new direction. OCICBW is fun and amusing, but I think opening a more serious space is a real step forward. THAT’S an impressive potential for ministry and community.

  4. Thanks, IT. And I look forward to something “serious” from you entitled, “Why an atheist should go to church (at least, sometimes)” in the not too distant future.

  5. Just took a sneak peak (I’m at work) at the two new sites. Good show, MP. Alas I no longer have internet access at home. I look forward to taking advantage of what is offered when I can.