With reference to CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

I live for moments like these. OCICBW... would just be a load of inane, cynical chatter if it wasn't for real difference the community, that surrounds it, regularly makes to the happiness and welfare of people (and other creatures) outside of the virtual world.

So far, I am incredibly pleased to inform you, you have donated $483.66 towards the cost of Katzie's veterinary bills, that will end up being (as far as we know at this moment in time) about $700. Mark has no funds whatsoever to fall back on so he needs to raise a bit more. He is trying his hardest to get help locally, from his church and other acquaintances, but, so far, we are the people who have come up the goods. So, if you can, please do think about sending something - even if it is only a few dollars (which was all I could afford to donate).

If you don't like using PayPal and would still like to send Mark a donation by cheque, or check if you are American and unfamiliar with standard English :-), drop me an email and I will pass your address on to Mark who will then contact you direct. Also, you can drop me an email if you want the contact details for the veterinary practice that is treating Katzie, should you, quite understandably, want to check out (not cheque out) the veracity of Mark's cry for help. I must point out, though, that I can only release such details to known and trusted readers and those who can prove their good intent.

Both Grandmère Mimi and myself have received emails from Mark about your donations. At the moment he is babbling, somewhat incomprehensibly, in gratitude for your generosity. I won't embarrass my friend by posting everything he has said. Rather, please accept my word for the fact that he is more touched with your genorosity than the winner of last year's "Being touched by as many people as possible" competition. He also says that it has been a life changing experience for him that has made him look away from his own problems and to seek to reconnect with others.

Well done, you people!

You can send money to Mark through PayPal using his email address:

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