MadPriest notices that Bishop Lindsay Urwin OGS, who had, at least one non-celibate relationship with another man after being accepted for the priesthood, is one of the bishops who have started yet another new organisation dedicated to preaching one thing and doing the opposite. It's called THE MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF SAINT WILFRID AND SAINT HILDA, which is very suitable for such an anti-orthodox, anti-tradition, anti-English, anti-Celtic, pro-papacy organisation.

Lindsay Urwin and Jeffrey John have had an almost identical sexual journey whilst working for the Church of England. However, there are three main differences between them.

One has kept quiet about his relationships and one has been open and honest.

One is an underqualified bishop whilst the other has all the qualities needed to be a good bishop but has been blackballed every time his name has come up for the job.

One is good at choosing the right friends and the other is really crap at it.


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  1. I suspect Wilfrith was one of the greatest disappointments to the Irish who raised him up only to see him turn Roman. But I truly resent dragging Hild into this.

  2. One is good at choosing the right friends and the other is really crap at it.

    *LOL* Oh, waitaminnit…

    I was thinking that *Ugwin* was crap at choosing friends (because he chose the “boink & tell” type).

    But perhaps you mean that John hasn’t chosen the right friends, politically?

    Oh well: all will be revealed, I guess…

  3. Geez, guys: I really didn’t intend that disrespectfully (to YOU, that is).

    However, I seem to have phrased that inartfully, so I hope you will accept my sincere apology.

  4. However, I seem to have phrased that inartfully

    Everyday you get more manly, JCF. You’re saying the wrong thing at the wrong time along with the best of us already.

  5. Well, I said all would be revealed . . . and it was! {Ooomph.Must.Get.Foot.Out.Of.Its.Lodging.In.Oomph.Digital.Mouth} :-X

  6. Leaving aside the whole issue of homosexuality within the church which frankly I have neither the time or inclination to start upon… Lindsay used to be our local bishop and do you know what? he was the best bishop we’ve had in my lifetime. I saw him preach on a number of occasions and he confirmed my daughter. Say what you like about him and feel free to judge… but he made a big difference to a lot of people around here. When he spoke, people actually listened. he has the ability to appeal to people of all ages, from the kids to the teenagers to the adults, I have never heard anyone say a word against him. I couldn’t give a toss what his sexuality is or what he has done, for me he was a great example and a bloody good speaker and actually far from underqualified, but a very good bishop, particularly forward thinking and perhaps we could use more men like him in the CofE.

  7. The only reason we keep banging on about Lindsay’s sex life is that, although he is gay and has had an active sex life, he now insists on denying that same freedom to others and has aligned himself to some of the most vile people in world Anglicanism. Basically, he is living a lie. He is a hypocrite. I am sure we all are to a greater or lesser extent, but Lindsay is causing pain to many millions of people throughout the world.

    You say he was a good priest. But if he can lie about his love life and lead a double life within the church, how do you know that his pastoral ministry is anything other than a clever pretence?

  8. look, I don’t know anything about his sex life and nor do I wish to… To be honest it hadn’t even occured to me when he was down in Sussex. I cannot make comment on that side of him as I jujst dont know anything about it, and anyway even if I did how much would be gossip or conjecture?
    as you say, we are probably all a bit hypocritical… but what I do know is that Lindsay has touched many peoples lives round here, he has brought people closer to God, made them think more about their faith and made a difference to hundreds if not thousands. So how can that be a clever pretence? can there be such a thing? I mean he’s not leading some cult is he? around here he preached the word and powerfully so. Now he may not be perfect but none of us are. He is not the sole person in the church of England living a lie or standing against gay clergy so to say that he is causing pain to million is probably a little harsh, no?

  9. Red. You are missing the point and wether Lindsay has changed the lives of others for the better is beside the point in this instance. The man is part of a campaign to keep women and gay people oppressed. For him to insist that ordained people cannot have a same sex, physical relationship when he himself has done is hypocrisy. If people know he is a hypocrite in this respect perhaps they will take less notice of his pronouncements in this respect.

    Saying you have no interest in his sex life does not mean that he hasn’t had one.

  10. I’m not sure I am missing the point actually! I know what you are saying and IF everything that has been suggested about Bishop Lindsay is true, and you KNOW it to be actually true, rather than gossip or one mans claims then I accept that he is being hypocritical (but either way it is not my place to judge him). However we cannot KNOW what he has or hasn’t done. Only those who were involved, and of course God, actually know. What we also don’t KNOW is when (if) he committed such acts and whether he has asked asked God for his forgiveness over said matters, or whether he would count himself gay or anything else…). and anyway it’s none of our business. Who are we to have a go at him? Didn’t Jesus say, those without sin cast the first stone?

    I don’t care what organisation he is part of and neither do I agree with the anti-gay/women/other stance that this new organisation and others like him stand for, but what I do care about is people being labelled and attacked in such a way.
    None of us are without our own faults, sins and shortcomings and I am sure we would hate to have them pointed out, and rammed down our throats, however serious they may be.
    With that I will sign off from this debate, because I suspect it could run and run… 😉
    with blessings (do enjoy your blog usually!!)