Well, maybe "hates" is a bit strong. But she's certainly cursing them under her breath at this moment in time as the tail end of their latest hurricane has just flooded her rehearsal studios, submerged one of her school offices and left Newcastle University as a prime location for the yachting events at the next Olympic Games.

Really! This is the British Isles, not some jerry-built city in the Southern States. Our buildings are designed to look nice not withstand Noah's flood. I've not seen such devastation in my city since three snowflakes fell on it last winter.

Please, my American friends, keep your ridiculous, over the top weather to yourselves.

We will be sending you the bill.



  1. Right, that’s it! If it’s going to be tit for tat, we’re billing you for that tea you spoiled in Boston, as well. It wasn’t as if we hadn’t told you over and over again that you had to boil the water and take the pot to the kettle.

  2. Oh, no!

    They’ve just closed the central motorway. That is between Mrs MadPriest and me.

    Who’s going to get my dinner?

    The government should declare a national emergency and helicopter in chefs.

  3. Point taken!

    But you know that they hate being confused with their cousins to the south! Perhaps we can refer to them as Canadian Americans.

    On a serious note;

    This is just the beginning. As we progress further into this century we all better be prepared for over the top weather events. They are the secondary effects to global warming as we finish the warmest summer on record, of the warmest year to date on record of the warmest 10 years on record.

  4. Canadians are Americans.

    Some crazy Mexican told me that.

    Outrageous thing to say!

    But David is right – it was last seen in Newfoundland. So you can’t blame us Albertans for it!

  5. They’re all over there somewhere, as far as I’m concerned. But the point is that the English should not be having to put up with this sort of weather. It’s foreign, for goodness sake!

  6. These storms start just off the Atlantic Coast of Africa, so I am sure that we can pin most of it on the Global South! No one is more over the top than Global South, Calvinists-in-disguise-as-faux-Anglicans.

  7. Paul. I think you may be onto something. Unfortunately we don’t have any Southern Baptists over here to tell us for certain and Bishop Nazir Ali’s buggered off somewhere. Perhaps I should ring the local radio station and tell them.

  8. Isn’t Mexico in the Global South?

    Not by any stretch of the imagination.
    1. We are well north of the equator.
    2. We are the child of TEC. 17 years ago we were all members of TEC.
    3. The Anglican Church of Mexico aligns itself, along with the Anglican Church of the Central American Region, Padre Mickey’s church, as the Global Center, via media, Anglican Centrists.

  9. I’ve seen”The Magnificent Seven.” Mexico is definitely hot. It’s hotter in the south. Therefore, Mexico is in the south.

    Anyway haven’t you aligned yourself with the Global South on the Anglican Covenant?

  10. Mexico adopted the Covenant earlier in the Summer at General Synod, but that is because of Mexico’s centrist stand. Mexican’s normally do not like to be the ones to rock the boat. (Yes, in my case that is a very recessive gene!)

    The Global South is currently against the final draft Covenant because it does not give them enough authority to punish anyone.

    Western Anglicans are currently against the final draft Covenant because it has section 4, which reeks of the ability to punish.

  11. Yeah, okay, I’ll buy that. But you can’t argue with the fact that it’s bloody hot in Mexico – even under those big hats you all wear.

  12. Yes. You’re wrong johnieb. It’s been many a long year since the Brits saw any of BP’s profits. That’s why they dropped the name British Petroleum. Also, it was a US sub-contractor that caused the leak in the first place.

    That’s why most intelligent and/or informed Americans didn’t blame us at the time. But we don’t blame you either. I doubt if either of our countries see much of BP’s billions. Our governments just tax us when we buy the petrol.

  13. Can’t please the English. We want to leave they insist on two wars. We are gone, they blame their weather on us.

    Geography: Mexico is England South. We know this because it is the only place other than England that will ever adopt the silly covenant. It is also a temperate climate — same logic adopting the covenant means they are not too hot or too cold.


  14. There are parts of Mexico where it is very hot. It is much hotter farther south in the countries of Central America and northern South America because they are closer and some of them right on the equator.

    Thanks be to God that this summer, here where I live, it was not as hot as our two previous summers. Of course for you that would be relative. Do you think that you could perceive the difference in a summer where the highs were but the mid 30s, as opposed to the previous two where we had three straight months with no rain and temps in the low 40s?

  15. @Jim: don’t ya know that the English would complain even if ya hung them with a new rope?? LOL

    Oh, and with regards to the hurricane and the soggy university – hey hey hey! Is it OUR FAULT that you all gave up on good, strong medieval construction centuries ago?? Come on, now!

  16. Andrewb, how kind of you to inquire.

    So far everything is inconclusive. I am scheduled for a sonogram of my liver next month.

    I told them that I am not coming back to Dallas for a sonogram and that the lab I choose here in Monterrey will send them the tape.

    wv = axidalop
    Sounds like a new brand of healthy yogurt.

  17. not some jerry-built city in the Southern States

    For that alone, I was really expecting an appearance by Man-eating Mimo. I feel baited&switched. >:-/

  18. You know, it’s been about five years since we had a hurricane here in Florida.

  19. Yes, well we had one twice last week, first the peninsula and then a direct hit on the Port of Veracruz. Villages inundated with mudslides, floods, wind ravaged buildings, etc. Plus some loss of lives.

    Lord hear our prayer.

  20. Dah-veed,

    If you ever do get back to Dallas, look me up. We could go out to dinner and have a big ol’ geek-fest talking about Macs and such 😉