Friend of OCICBW... and Low Anthem fan, Matthew Worsfold, started a new blog last month. It's imaginatively entitled SLAYING THE JABBERWOCK and, again imaginatively, it's not pretty much your standard ranch stash - not in the slightest. In the sidebar, Matthew writes:

This blog contains stories and statements from people who, despite serious misgivings and/or significant theological departures, refuse to surrender the name "Christian" for one reason or another, or even from those who don't have serious doubts or theological disagreements, but are weary of certain groups of people holding the monopoly on Christianity. These are the stories of relationships with god. And they are all true.

Not only can I guarantee that you will find Matthew's blog interesting and entertaining, I am also certain that a good many of you might want to, and definitely should, contribute to its actual content.

Go check it out! That's an order


Another blog that I have started visiting is LETTERS FROM THE MALVERN VICARAGE (as in Malvern, New Zealand). Over the last week, Susan, the administrator has been blogging the earthquake in her country that she actually experienced first hand. These posts are illustrated by some excellent photography showing the aftermath of the quake.

Susan is a well nice lady. Add her webpage to your blogrolls.


Both the above blogs can now be accessed



  1. Oh man! I hate to see a pipe organ looking like that. We just installed a new one in our parish this year, and I’m well-aware of how delicate they are 🙁