1. After years of search, and having spent US$500,000, Hans was finally reunited with his identical twin brother Guieder through the relentless work of Mr. Chabwanna Umbezkili of the Family Locating Center of Nigeria.

  2. Mr. Chabwanna Umbezkili is also handling the deposit of certain funds into my bank account, which Erika and Cathy are planning to steal while at the same time they pan to drop by your place and pinch your TV and iMac while you are away.

    It is all explained at the Chin Wag.

  3. Mr. Chabwanna Umbezkili can’t be sending his funds to YOUR bank account, David |Dah • veed|. He has already promised them to me. I have been checking my accounts daily for their transfer.

  4. David, THAT Mr Chabwanna Umbezkili! If he works for the Family Locating Centre in Nigeria with such obvious success, I will of course not want to remove any funds from him any longer.

  5. Antiques dealer Reginald Winterwool, with the life-size late Victorian inkwell he was urged to remove from an upcoming auction. “It is a testimony to an earlier and less enlightened period and I have no intention of concealing the realities of those times in an act of political correctness.”