1. Tomorrow, September 20th, is the 140th anniversary of Pius IX losing control over Rome and the Papal states.
    Maybe he just wanted to get out of town and avoid an embarrassing anniversary.

  2. True. But he did manage to move the spotlight well and truly off the 70th. Anniversary of the Battle of Britain today. The Fuhrer would have been well pleased.

  3. I would have thought that restriction would have excluded pretty much everybody. Couldn’t you have lied like everyone else – although the male bit could have been a bit difficult for you… oh, and the virginal 🙂

  4. A simple question. When Ratzinger joined the Hitler Youth and the anti aircraft group did he take the personal oath of loyalty to Hitler?

    I might find the answer in Weigel’s book; but since that “scholar” suggested our supreme court follow the Church and not our constitution, he is an apologist not a scholar. Moses