Today's overload of cuteness has been sent in by the original "soppy Sheila," Cathy. She writes:

This is Bruno the big old dawg who lives at Peinmore House, the B&B Mimi and I stayed at on Skye. He made great friends with both me and Mimi. He seemed to like hanging out under the desk in the hall a lot. At one point I was playing on the hall floor with Toby the cat and Bruno suddenly burst out towards us, giving Toby a wee fright so he ran off down the hall a short way. Bruno then lumbered over and sat on me heavily, so that I had to pay attention to him instead.

Toby looks like a terrible bruiser in the pic but he was a real sweetie. He helped me do some of my packing by hiding under the chest of drawers in my room and knocking about scrumpled up bits of packaging.

There was also an elderly boxer of uncertain temper and bladder who we only saw the once, rolling her eye at us with a skeptical air as she was ushered hastily into the back garden.



  1. PS I thought I was not just “the original Soppy Sheila” but “the one and only Soppy Sheila”? … Or are we all Soppy Sheilas now?

  2. Don’t be fooled, they only ever look cute (with the possible exception of Mimo.

    Our sweet little dachsie was on holiday with a friend and broke into the cage of their pet rabbit. Ex rabbit.

  3. Soppy Sheilaness has gone viral.

    I knew I should have washed my hands. However, I’m still going to have to lay claim to the title of “The Soppy Sheila” for myself. Happy to duel at dawn with anyone who wishes to disagree.

  4. You’re welcome, Whiteycat.

    Erika – “Mimo” fools many with that sweet old lady exterior …

    wv – catesc – “You’re looking very catesc today, my dear”, said the Persian to the Siamese as they sunned themselves on the balcony

  5. Do you see the adoring look on Bruno’s face as he gazes fondly up at me? He won my heart.

    You left out the sweet little dog with the morose owner that I sent you, but that’s fine. I intend to use the dear myself.

  6. A pile of Soppy Sheilas, sans clothing (morals, sobriety).

    You asked, Cathy! ;-p


    Aw, to the whole gang! <3

  7. Well in that case, whiteycat, what is the dog saying to Mimo?

    “Tell me again, how your church has gay&lesbian bishops? Tail-wags to that!”