1. Not a caption, only a comment. And yet your take on +Smiley’s name seems to apply also to +Curry(don’t say a word about his name, MP.)

  2. OK, I often like ++KJS’s more “fashion forward” liturgical garb, and even *I* have NO idea what she’s wearing here! O_o [Is it a “port-hole chausable” like the famous “Port-hole Mary” icons? It doesn’t look like a cope.]

  3. it is a chasuble not a cope – it is really lovely – designed by Challwood Studios – represents colors of the west – red cliffs, blue, sea – etc. You can see some others here along with other artists.

  4. Ann, I’m with you. I’m pleased with the crayon effect. I liked the cope from the first, and I still like it. It’s even lovelier in real life – just like you, Jonathan.

  5. I can’t help it, in this photo Ann looks a lot like Sophia in the Golden Girls sit-com. The expression is much the same, also:>)

  6. No – you are correct Mimi – that pix is her cope – it is funny that most of the bishops were standing around with their hands inside the sleeves of their albs – the co-consecrators all wore albs and copes

  7. Bishops do funny things besides hands in sleeves. There are always tons of photos when they are in their purple shirts and they all have their pectoral crosses in their shirt pocket. Some children will grow up believing that is where they belong!