Beer-swigging, rudeness and terrible dress sense have all helped British women come out on top of a poll of the world’s ugliest women. British women won 22.4 per cent in the survey conducted by the Real Holiday Reports website, followed by American women with 16.7 per cent. The results suggest that while many British women are attracted to the ladette image, the rest of the world does not share their opinion.

Respondents to the survey complained that British women were unladylike, not shy about belching or passing wind in public. They are also unashamed to let their fat hang out of their clothing and often wear bikinis that are “too tight”. Specifically, respondents said British women were “rude”, “drink pints of beer like men” and “end up drunk in the gutter”.

Germany came in third place with 15.7% - which is probably entirely due to Our Erika's behaviour down her local on a Friday night.



  1. Actually the Christian Today report was a little premature – the poll is still going and Turkey has now drawn ahead of the UK. It’s a bit like the Eurovision song contest, only with the nations that usually come last in the lead.

  2. “Danity” is a new one on me. Do you mean Danite (a member of the Tribe of Dan). If yes, what has the Tribe of Dan ever done to annoy you so much, Tracy?

  3. Nope. I meant “dainty” but I’m having a technical problem here. I type, and the characters slowly slog their way onto the monitor. I missed this one.

    I still say dainty is way overrated. Who wants a dainty, pink, prissy princess anyway?

  4. I take it British men make up the leading suppliers of votes to this poll (followed by Americans). Familiarity -> contempt, n’ all that…

  5. Counterlight – well indeed, but the poll actually seems to be as much about behaviour as it does looks. The British men I know don’t go in for belching in public or lying in gutters, but then neither do the women. The poll probably says rather a lot about the people who voted in it (and the company they keep).

  6. I’ve certainly seen many women from the UK who I find to be quite attractive. Besides, there’s that accent – just knocks me out. I could listen to an English (or Australian 😉 woman read a grocery list and still be enraptured.

    And if they “drink pints of beer like men,” so much the better 😀

  7. I like gentlemanly behavior, so I can understand objections to – what I would consider – unladlylike behavior. My concern is what the respondents consider unladylike.

    It’s probably just a knee-jerk liberal reaction, but I did find it strange that none of those behaviors seem to be a problem when men do it. Gender really isn’t an issue when it comes to the fact that no one looks good when dressed in clothing that makes them look like an overstuffed sausage.