A MIGHTY WIND — 7 Comments

  1. Ah, the Breaking Wind Anointing!!! And he’s not a priest. He’s what’s commonly known in the South as a Windbag, and it has nothing to do with farting.

  2. Good Lord, it’s “liltin’ Bob Tilton”, who once plied his trade right here in Big D, little a, double l, a-s….. He was finally exposed as a fraud, and took off for Florida, where he now apparently needs to change his diet. WV=”uprorsh” It’s a sign, I tell you…..

  3. THe first time I saw Tilton on TV, I was sure it was parody, and I assure you, fartin’ sound effects were not necessary for the erroneous conclusion.

  4. KJ, parody or not – and I always expected to see a forked tongue and yellow slit eyes when he talked – at the height of his operation in Dallas, he took in over $25,000,000 a year. I still can’t believe so many people were that deluded to send the charlatan that amount of moolah.

  5. Strangelove, my brother used to say that he believed that at least half of the people on earth already had holes in their septums awaiting rings, because they wanted to be led around by the noses. Seeing people send their hard earned money to total cons like Tilton or watching them be manipulated by the upper 2% to vote against their own and our country’s economic interest has made me believe his theory is, sadly, correct.