Defrocked Anglican bishop Nolbert Kunonga has infuriated members of the church by turning a church building here into a school while they are forced to conduct services in the open.

Investigations by The Zimbabwean showed that the church building at Zengeza 2 is now a crèche known as ECD Pre-School. The new name has been emblazoned all over the security wall, which has also been decorated with fancy cartoon characters advertising the school, much to the chagrin of church members.

The members accuse Kunonga of using the organization’s properties for personal profit since he forcibly took them over with the help of armed police and allegedly biased courts. Kunonga is a strong ally of President Robert Mugabe and is still asked to conduct prayers at national events even though he no longer belongs to any church group.

During visits to the centre, this paper was told that the school caters for anyone who can pay, but members of the bona fide Anglican Church led by Bishop Chad Gandiya are not allowed to send their children there.

“What Kunonga is doing is not only criminal, but evil. We are being forced to meet for services in the open, with children in this cold, yet he is using God’s building to make money. This is very bad,” said a woman who asked not to be identified.

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