I expect many of you will have noticed the new link in the sidebar to a new blog page with the name "St. Laika's." Those of you who clicked through to the page today will have guessed that, despite promises to the contrary, it will not go live today. This is because I am still getting stuff together for the grand launch. I think that it will be up and running within the next week or so.

St. Laikas's is a project that the Chin Wag crew have been working on for a while. It is an experiment, a work in process. It will be an attempt to create an inclusive, fluid, worshipping, community on the internet using basic blogging tools and the skills of the people of our neighbourhood (which are many and varied). In stead of just broadcasting live services, each service will be made up of contributions from various people, much of which will come from their real life church communities and/or their own ministries (lay and clerical). There will be a separate webpage dedicated specifically to spiritual matters (meditation, prayer, that sort of stuff) which will be interactive. We will be building our own calendar of saints and feast days. There will be small groups, book clubs, and all that jazz. There will be articles and meditations from all sorts of people and, basically anything else that takes our fancy. We also hope to bring the real and the virtual worlds together by arranging things to happen outside of cyberspace, building on what we have already achieved in this respect through our blogs.

As I am unemployed at this moment in time, administrating the site will be my sole ministry for the foreseeable future. But it won't be just my show. Well, as long as you all join in, it won't.

I am looking for musicians, including singers, who have the capability to record their own performances and send them through to me. It would be really nice to have some organ music that could be played before and after worship, just like in a real church. If you can help in this respect please email me (or leave a comment below). I can give you details, if you need them, as to how to send mp3 files over the net. We are now fully licensed to podcast music on the OCICBW... group of blogs, so there is no need to worry about royalties (I've already paid them).

Also, anybody who has the facility to record their own sermons please get in touch. We will be following the Common Lectionary so we can use sermons you will be preaching in your own churches.

The main service will be podcasted each Sunday and will be eucharistic. How that will work out is something I am really looking forward to discovering.

Other than all that - just stay tuned (don't touch that dial!).


ST. LAIKA’S — 14 Comments

  1. Now we can only wait, Mark B, and accept our destiny. But I expect the first wave of alien invaders from outer space will launch their attack on Earth, within the very near future.

  2. I am ironing my Sunday-go-to-meeting frocks and putting a new ribbon on my bonnet so as to be ready.

    wv = khoolies. St. Laika’s congregation are definitely the khoolest.

  3. Ooh! We could have a bonnet competition.

    Let’s wait until Easter. And we shall have a parade. And KJ could be in charge of an Easter egg hunt. And we could have eggs on spoons races. And… and… and…