MORNING - Got out of bed at midday didn't bother to shave.

AFTERNOON - Mug old lady so I can score some hard drugs.

EVENING - Joyriding - hopefully get filmed by "Police, Camera, Action."

NIGHT - Drink cider, embarrass passers-by, fall over.


DIARY ENTRY 1ST. SEPTEMBER 2010 — 11 Comments

  1. Hey, Jonathan, you don’t look half bad when you don’t shave. In fact, you look sort of cool. And with that suntan from the beaches in Scotland….

    Sign of a panhandler in New York City:


    True story. He was honest.

  2. But you’re already in the habit of mugging old ladies for money. Drinking cider’s not new, either. Nor is falling over. Or joyriding. Or failing to shave. Sorry, which bit is meant to be unfamiliar to your loyal readership, exactly?

  3. PS agreed with Mimi – you do look cool unshaven. A bit rough round the edges, but I suppose that helps with the mugging old ladies bit.

  4. Oh boy! Empathy from New England, been there and done that!

    A bit aside, Jonathan, I wonder if u realize how wide is your readership? I like to blog-hop to lots of blogs from 1 to another. Am amazed at how many list OCICBW on their list of blogs! Lots of us pulling for u, u-go-guy! Hint, hint, u sure can write!

    re: joyriding, uses up Petrol,ahem!


  5. Thanks, Nij

    I am registered disabled because of mental health problems. However, throughout, what is now a year, of work (and lack of work) related stress, I haven’t had a tweak of neurosis. I put this entirely down to the fact that I know I have so many good (people) friends praying and / or caring for me. And I’m 100% serious about that.

    Don’t worry about me and the joyriding petrol as it will belong to someone else.

  6. AFTERNOON – Mug old lady so I can score some hard drugs.

    But she’s back home in Thibodeaux!

    [Sorry, Mimi: just using you to get a larf out of the Mad/Sad One.]

  7. Dear Jonathan, petrol belonging to someone else is the very best kind – ride on!(In majesty or otherwise!)
    You go, Guy!

    After loosing job, parish car use, health insurance and honest references, I found that there is life and work out thar – but it sure was scary and infuriating for a while!
    Furthermore, a glance at the employment ads in NCR reveals that not only did they do away with me,
    and others, apparently they did away with Rel. Ed. Coordinators as such job ads have completely dried up. You see, we were mostly women, and getting educations as fast as we could, becoming theologically educated women who served where priests used to serve and I guess they can’t have that! At least the C of E hasn’t done away with priest jobs entirely! :>)
    Peace & Good, Nij
    PS. I worked so hard and occasionally used to wonder who would be doing my work if I weren’t there. I guess the answer is NO ONE