1. After death, comes resurrection.

    Hang in there… Um, scratch that (you did enough “hanging” on your Good Friday). Take a nice nap, Maddie, then RISE AGAIN!!!

  2. … it’s just past 12.01 – my thoughts and prayers are still with you, Mad Priest – hope you OK. Also, wot JCF said.

  3. Of course, you’re not all right, Jonathan. How could you be? But I believe you will be. We’ll all clap louder, and you’ll recover your strength just like Tinkerbell. You’ll see.

  4. It is the institution’s great loss.

    You are widely loved and appreciated and our prayers are with you. Resurrection and new life do happen.

  5. Of the things that serve to cause us to be of any earthly or heavenly good, few would be the of desirable substance. Of course, that makes them no more pleasant to experience. Prayers for you and Mrs. MadPriest.

  6. It is hard, sad and wasteful, but the other side of the valley beckons. That is sunrise not sunset before you.


  7. You are widely loved and appreciated¨ Paul

    No doubt about it, loved and appreciated…two very big things.

    Onward we go, no looking from side to side.

    Best to you always,


  8. What do bishops expect us to do? I just shake my head at the institution that has become The Church and its treatment of those who give their lives to it. Yo, God – wake up! Do not forget your Mad One! (Ps. 10:12)

  9. What Mark and Ostrich said.

    The two things that haven’t changed and won’t change:

    1) You are a priest forever.

    2) You are loved.

    WV = faket. What MadPriest has, you can’t faket.

  10. Thanks, Hilary and well done! “APA Transportation Planning Division” has to be either the most boring name for a blog I have ever come across or the most psychedelic.

  11. Their loss. And I suspect, ultimately, your gain. Hard to see that right now, but I have faith that while the Institution is dying, you are moving on to new life.

  12. This is a heartbreakingly sad post, MP.
    Anything I could say will probably be trite, but let me risk this: I grieve the loss to the church. You need to be in a parish, and somewhere there is a parish that desperately needs your ministry. I just pray you and they will find each other.

  13. All I can say is…yes, you will be okay. Thank you…thank you…thank you…

    With love and continuing prayers…and if you need any pictures for future Facebook appearances, don’t forget, I’ve got lots!

    And looking forward to St. Laika’s…

  14. I’m so sorry. It is a very hard thing to have to lose a job and a church home. May the love of God and friends surround you and the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you. You have important work to do. Sign me up for St. Laika’s.