From RENZ:

This is one of my dogs, Zoe. She is a Bichon Frise and I am wondering at this very moment if she is retarded. I know that is an iffy word, but in the case I do mean it literally. It is 6:00PM EST here in the Upper Peninsula. I have been home for a bit and have long ago finished feeding the dogs (there are three of them plus two cats and two rabbits for the uninitiated).

I got the computer all warmed up and realized that Zoe is still down in the basement and she is barking her little white head off. This time of year I have started to notice mouse droppings in the house, so I imagined maybe she was warning me of the presence of a little rodent or something.

However, I went back downstairs only to find her sitting in the middle of the work room beside Lola's dish which still has about six or so pieces of kibble in it. Apparently Zoe is barking because she wants those bits, but she gets really funny about dog dishes.

For awhile there I would have to dump her portion onto the floor before she would eat it. Apparently the smooth bottomed metal dishes would skid on the concrete floor and scare her (or irritate her or something. She would stand there and stare at her dish - waiting.

Mind you, Zoe, is THE most food aggressive of all my dogs. A couple of weeks ago a friend came by with muffins and we sat nibbling and visiting over coffee. We only turned our backs for a moment and Zoe had jumped jumped up onto the table and grabbed the last muffin and was making a beeline for the yard (through the doggie door and down the steps) when I caught her! So it must really be one heck of a phobia over noisy scrapy metal dishes - let me tell you!

In any case, she has now finally come back upstairs after barking mindlessly at a dog dish for over 15 minutes. I will post this and go see if her fear won or if her voracious appetite won.

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  1. When my dogs have done something odd for which I have no explanation, I typically say, “It had to be done.”

    I’m asking prayers for Nugget, my parents’ golden retriever whose picture the Mad One posted a couple of weeks back. The neighbors pit bull got out and tore into Nugget, who in 12 years had never been in a fight; it’s just not his nature, so off to the vet he went. He is now recovering at my sister’s place, tube inserted to drain the wound. He needs to be home with his ailing people.

  2. The pit bull should be treated with sympathy and understanding. The pit bull terrier’s owner should be tied down in a sewer so that rats can slowly nibble his testicles off.

  3. KJ, I’m so sorry about Nugget. Prayers for him and for your parents who must be in distress over the injuries and missing Nugget greatly.

    I would not have a pit bull. The owners are probably at fault in most of the attacks, but I would not want a dog of the breed as a pet.

  4. I would not have a pit bull.

    Oh, I don’t know. It might be a good idea. Being such a bastard of a dog it might keep both its eyes longer.

  5. Oh no, KJ, poor Nugget!! How terrible. I hope he is OK.

    Renz’s little white dawg is a cutie, strange behaviour or no.

    Mad Priest, you leave poor Mimi alone! Wot’s she ever done to you?? … (PS I agree with you about the pitbull owner though.)

    wv – tailit – Zoe the Bichon Frise said “I’m a-going to tailit out of here with this muffin”

  6. Wot’s she ever done to you?? …

    It was like “The Hills Have Eyes,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Deliverance” all rolled into one.

  7. {{{Nugget}}}

    {{{Nugget’s Pack}}}

    …and prayers, too.

    Wot MP said about the pittie’s owner FTW! (Pitties can be EXTREMELY SWEET, w/ proper leadership)

  8. Thanks for good thoughts and prayers for Nugget. I’ve shared them with the folks (Not the bit about the testicles though, ‘cuz I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get that. Nice comes in my genes.). However, Mad One, your analysis and solution, IMHO, are spot on.

  9. Hey! I was nice to the pit bull when everyone else was braying for its blood. The other thing was just justice -nice or nasty doesn’t come into it.

  10. It was like “The Hills Have Eyes,” “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Deliverance” all rolled into one.

    Some people pay good money for that, of course.

  11. I asked what was done about the pit bull – that was not to suggest a bullet to the head – but a dog (of any breed) that attacks like that is a problem that needs to be addressed. My neighbors have an Anatolian shepherd who has attacked about 5 dogs over the past few months – luckily without seriously injuring them. His owner had to body slam him to get him off my Frankie (a little Welsh terrier) and I had to body slam him when he jumped my mom and dad’s airedale. (my mother thought I was very brave)

  12. Oh, absolutely correct, Mad One. I just did a little editing while sharing the information with my parents, muttering something about “bad owners.” Context, as you have taught us, is important.