News is coming in that Robert Mugabe, the anti-democratic tinpot dictator of Zimbabwe, is set to receive an honorary degree from the Anglican University of Quito next month. The media censuring tribal warlord has agreed to travel to Ecuador to receive the award which he is being given in recognition of his services to the poor (which are either welfare services or funeral services dependant upon which tribe you were born into).



  1. I note btw the announcement in the Zimbabwean newspaper has a denouncing of homosexuality.

    Ecuador is also part of the TEC (actually two dioceses). I can’t find the university, I can’t find the bishop (Walter Roberto Crespo).

  2. WTF is wrong in Ecuador? (Assuming, after Erp’s research, that this whole thing isn’t a Mugabe-generated hoax)

  3. According to this page that he wrote himself;

    Walter Roberto Crespo is a bishop of one of five dioceses and one suffragan diocese in the Anglican Catholic Church of Ecuador. His diocese is headquartered in Archidona, Ecuador and he has jurisdiction over all of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The ACCE is part of the Traditional Anglican Communion.

    The ACCE gets three paragraphs and TEC and the Apostolic Catholic Church (Anglican Rite) each get one! The paragraph about TEC mentions the two TEC Ecuadorian dioceses and their bishops by name, then states that these Anglicans are indirect members of the Anglican Communion.

  4. Well I did a bit more hunting. What we have was the “Anglican Catholic Church of Ecuador” and is now the “Anglican Province of Ecuador, ICAE” headed by Walter Roberto Crespo which has been around for some time (judging by what Crespo himself reports. It does get mentioned as part of Global South

    The university actually seems to be the Universidad Autonoma de Quito aka Autonomous University of Quito though its existence seems a bit ephemeral (I did find a mention other than Mugabe on a Unification Church sponsored web site). Admittedly it just might not have a web presence. The have a domain name created in 2001 but web site is down (but google cache is useful). Bishop Crespo claims his church runs the theology school.