I am attempting to coble together a calendar of saints for our new ST LAIKA project.

I have the following lists already (click on link for names):

Exciting Holiness (Church of England)
Saints venerated by Anglican Franciscans
Calendar of the Church in Wales
Calendar of saints (Scottish Episcopal Church)
Calendar of Saints (Lutheran)
Calendar of saints (TEC)
Calendar of saints (Church of the Province of Melanesia)
Calendar of saints (Anglican Church of Southern Africa)
Calendar of saints (Anglican Church of Canada)
Among the Cloud of Irish Witnesses (Church of Ireland)
Calendar of saints (Anglican Church of Australia)
Roman Catholic calendar of saints

I would appreciate the names and feast dates of any saints not mentioned in the above lists, especially local ones from your own church or order. Also lists of Orthodox and Coptic saints that just give the popular feasts would be useful (Orthodox calendars tend to have ten or more saints per day).

In the near future I will be asking for suggestions of holy people etc. who, ignored by the rest of Christendom, will be canonized by ourselves (there will be a democratic vote).

People of faiths other than Christian may send in lists of their saints and festivals.

People of no faith must wait until we open the mailbox for suggestions for own saints.



  1. I will include anything that is sent to me. I have, however, finished my own research due to being unable to find links and not understanding the calendars of the Eastern churches (see above note re Orthodox calendar). There are so many True Orthodox Churches around that it did my head in trying to sort out a sensible common calendar.

  2. Often left out are St. Fiacre and St. Dymphna – and, no, they’re not my inventions, they really are saints.

    St. Christopher got demoted.

  3. “Exciting Holiness”? Is that like Tantra? O_o

    Can we have Desmond Tutu on it, even though he brings heaven down to us (as opposed to having yet—thankfully!—gone up to it)?

  4. I love it when the world just seems plain daft to you, Mark, and you go all surreal. Your comments over the last 3 days have had me giggling like a girlie. Cheers!

  5. Then I may have you rolling by the end of next month!

    But, Christina the Astonishing really was a saint. See.

    wv: cuthoozn – a Lovecraftian child of your aunt or uncle.

  6. Last General Convention authorized a bunch of new commemorations, and put out a new book, “Holy Women – Holy Men” containing the list with relevant readings, prayers etc. The older book, “Lesser Feasts and Fasts” is still in use too.

    I have no idea where one might find copies in England. But they may be available for Nook or MS reader which have free software for your Mac.


  7. Ira Hayes/Chief Falling Cloud.

    Look him up.

    His story will break your heart. I want to weep just thinking about him.

    He should be a saint. May God have mercy upon his tormented soul.

  8. Keep your suggestions on hold until I open up the nominations list officially. There’s no way I’m going to remember them myself. Heck, I have problems remembering what I did two hours ago!