From our good friend, Ellie Finlay:

Hi, Jonathan. I'm wondering if you can put this someplace more noticable than in the comments where I put it earlier.

My niece, gave birth to her first child Tuesday night. The baby (a little boy) is very sick and is now in the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Virginia Medical School Hospital. This hospital is quite a distance from where they live so for him to have been transported there indicates how serious this is. The baby will have to have heart surgery. It's not known at this time whether or not he will be able to go home for a while to build his strength up before the surgery. Please pray for the baby, for the parents, and for my brother and his wife.

As if the illness of the baby weren't enough, my sister-in-law just had suspicious mammagram results and has to go back in for another one. She already went through a bout of breast cancer a number of years ago. My brother is sick with worry. His wife is everything to him. She is truly the "tower of strength" in the family.