HYPOCRITE!!!!!!!!!!!! — 18 Comments

  1. I heard that at the conference, he’s been given a new name, an African name, pronounced “Rowan Az-Weep-Eh”. Odd though, they spell it Asswipe.

  2. Only one hypocrite??????

    Who is the pasty one to ex-bishop Duncan’s right?
    Do all on the front row consider themselves archbishops?

  3. The hypocrite is RW. He is happily sitting with a schismatic at an official conference, but wouldn’t invite Robinson to Lambeth.

  4. Sorry to report that I ¨guessed¨ a few days ago this crowd of bigots and thieves would force Duncan Pitts upon the ABC in Uganda (look to shifty Luke and Anis Limited)…sometimes I really DO PREFER to think Rowan Williams is a befuddled innocent who doesn´t know whether to sit down and shut up or jump up and salute! The real sickness is what deposed duncan had to do and say to get this flickrphotosharing opportunity alongside a dangerous hatemonger like Orombi/accomplices…let´s hope Trinity Wall Street didn´t PAY THE AIRFARE/HOTEL for ¨deviated duncan¨ another fool whose name and face appears, uninvited, in public places where Anglican Primates gather.

  5. There are other pasty-faced hypocrites present, as noted by Mark Harris, who concludes, as regards the posturing hypocrites, “Anathema is a harsh acid and . . . it turns on those who hurl it and disfigures them as well.”

  6. Roaming ap Williams seems to have lost all sense of integrity, unless there’s another interpretation to this visit and photo that I’ve missed … I remain to be corrected.

  7. Oh, my goodness. This is very distressing. (Duncan’s presence, I mean.) I guess I haven’t been keeping up. How is it that he’s there?

  8. It’s nice that Duncan is now out in the open, instead of sneaking around the hallways whispering in his co-conspirators’ ears.

  9. I do have to say, ABC Rowan’s body language says to me that he’s just a tad uncomfortable in that photo group.

    O dear, I kid you not – the word verification is – wait for it — trappers. I swan.

  10. I suspect he had nothing to do with the guest list. Duncan may be a deposed former cleric to us, but to the Africans he is one of theirs.

    This sort of two tiered mess is what I at least have feared from RW for some time. He cannot control the African’s guest list and can his own. He is unwilling or afraid to offend the Africans and quite willing to offend us.

    One has to wonder if National Council or General Convention will finally notice?


  11. Susan, the man of whom you inquire is +Anis of the Middle East. Remember, Egyptians are now Arabs, they are not black, but brown like us.

    Which is partly why you lot in the US are afraid of us, because the terrorists look just like us.


    Father Harris has a photo that was taken along with this one, but the camera caught +Canterbury and -Duncan gazing across the space into one another’s eyes.

  12. Dah-veed, thank you for the identification, but please do not include me in that *you lot* phrase. I am offended that you would think I am afraid of brown or black people. Please be a little more sensitive when you start slinging the mud in my direction.

  13. Yes, Dah-veed. The muck could stain Susie Sue brown, and then I’d be scared of her as well. Mind you, I’m a little scared of her already. She can be awfully stern at times. Not that that is always a bad thing in a woman.