Isaac Olubowale’s Fashion Column


Rt. Reverend Isaac Olatunde
Olubowale is the Bishop of the
Diocese of Anglican Communion, Ekiti-Oke, in Ekiti State.

In this interview the Bishop
bares his mind on the 2011
election, issues in the church
and national matters.


How do you view indecent dressing among young ladies, and even among house wives?
Well, it’s a global phenomenon. It is part of the price we have to pay for information technology. The world now is a global village. All these things are watched on the internet. It is also the price we have to pay for the neglect of domestic training. Both the parents and the society are to be blamed for the decadence.

Some wedding gowns are not different from the type of dresses worn to discotheques. Yet some pastors or Bishops will still bless such couples. Don’t the clergy see anything bad in this?
When you talk of ministers of God, that should be quoted. In Anglican Communion, we have our system. For anybody coming to the altar for wedding, we will want to know you. Their is a form for you to fill. You will pass through the counselling section where the prospective couples are told many things.

In Anglican Communion, no bride or member of the bridal train will come to the church or the altar half dressed and be wedded. That is our rule in Anglican Communion. We can’t speak for others. But as ministers of God, we should condemn it because it’s unscriptural. And to condone such a thing that is unscriptural is to incur the wrath of God.

COMMENT:Does the good bishop want to take away all our fun? Turning out on a Saturday to marry some couple, who just want to get the whole thing over with so they can get on with the booze up, is bad enough without having the eye candy removed from the proceedings.


Isaac Olubowale’s Fashion Column — 18 Comments

  1. LOVE the bishops as fashion police…would also like to see where the heck the scriptural reference is to bridal attire?

  2. And to condone such a thing that is unscriptural is to incur the wrath of God.¨ Bishop Olatunde

    Oh my God, now this Nigerian Bishop is able to discern who/what/where will ¨incur the wrath of God¨…too bad he didn´t avise the citizens of Yelwa, Jos and Rwanda (especially to Anglican Bishops for encouraged massacre and ¨wrath¨)…perhaps he´ll deliver his ¨Scriptural formula¨ for punishment=destruction at the African Anglican Bishops Conference in Entebbe, Uganda this week…sounds riveting to me as Pakistanis starve and parts of China are being swept/flooded away…if ONLY innocentlike folks could be threatened into leading Godly lives of bliss!

  3. Excellent discernment, Leonardo. In fact it could be taken further. I am sure the residents of Rwanda, Pakistan et al could find some young lady in modern dress that they could blame for their travails and stone to death or something equally Biblical.

  4. Actually (not to be agreeing with this bishop, of course!) I will be glad when the current fad for strapless wedding dresses runs its course. Not all brides look good in them. And they DO look rather inappropriately naked for church.

  5. …Not all brides look good in them. And they DO look rather inappropriately naked for church.¨ Ellie

    Thats it! You´ve unlocked a wrath/punishment clue…my older sister, Mean Marilynn, wore a strapless Wedding Gown when she was married in 1960…she later became a ¨fundie¨ (my Mom often said ¨Where did that come from?¨) and beat her three children (Biblically)…yup, sure enough, that´s the REAL LIFE explanation for those innocent children (I love them and they all escaped from her clutches with various degrees of scarring from the emotional/spiritual abuse).

    ¨It´s the way that we see things that makes the world be things…¨

  6. Strapless wedding dress? What about the skimpy, strapless, short, sheer dresses young girls wear these days for their confirmation? Not to mention the high heels!

  7. As the young male priest was distributing the bread he said “the body of Christ, the body of Christ” and when he was confronted with a buxom lady with a dress the good bishop would not approve of and slipped by saying, “Christ what a body.”

    I will now duck and weave.

  8. At first I thought that the question was suggesting that the good bishop indecently dresses amongst the young ladies. The article became somewhat more tedious with a more careful reading.

  9. I wore an almost-strapless wedding gown–just little lacy pretend straps. Of course I was not in a church, does that make the difference?

  10. The priest who married us was dressed to the nines beginning with a cloth of gold cope. I weighed in with layers of Nottingham lace and satin, neck high, long sleeves, and a chapel-length train.

    For a brief second, I think we both wanted to exchange outfits, but I wasn’t about to give up the groom. :^)


  11. Well, I wouldn’t want you to forget about it, Maddy. Both BP AND my best man appreciated the view! 😉

  12. I understand the Church in San Diego is a bit looser (bouncier?) about these things, IT… 8-D