From DFW:

St. Vincent's "Episcopal" School in Bedford has denied entrance to a child because her parents are married lesbians. Jill and Tracy Harrison attended the school's parent night on Tuesday, and now, just a few days before school starts Monday, the school is denying their daughter Olivia enrollment into the school.

"I am horribly disappointed. In fact, we are in the 21st century and we are still dealing with this issue. We should just move on. Denying my daughter education based on who I end up sleeping with at the end of the day makes me furious," said Jill.

"It's hard to believe that a place that's supposed to take in and teach children about God and the basics of religion would actually discriminate against her because of who we are," said Tracy.

Though the school's handbook and website say that the school is non-discriminatory as to race, color, religion and national or ethnic origin, it doesn't stipulate that they won't discriminate based on the sexual orientation of a child's parents.

"We are a church affiliated with the Anglican Church in North America, and it is their policy that we don't provide services to individuals or families that do not behave properly. We're going off our canons that say 'The Anglican Church in North America affirms our Lord's teaching that the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is in its nature a union permanent and lifelong of one man and one woman," said Kenneth Monk, head of the school.

COMMENT: "Behave properly?" So, is it an automatic expulsion if a child puts his or her elbows on the table at lunch?

THE DALLAS VOICE sums up the haters pretty well:

St. Vincent’s Episcopal School in Bedford says it would deny admission to the child of an unmarrried heterosexual couple, in the same way that it denied admission to the daughter of two lesbians. But we’re not buying it. Did they require straight couples to bring marriage licenses to parents night on Tuesday, where they discovered that both Jill and Tracy Harrison are women? What if the parents are in a heterosexual marriage but the father is a closeted homosexual? They’d probably be totally supportive of that.

Again, despite the name, this school isn’t Episcopal. It’s part of an Anglican group that left the Episcopal Church over the denomination’s acceptance of gays and lesbians. In light of that, this act of bigotry isn’t the least bit surprising.




  1. makes one sad to think of all the children who have parents that have violated that “lifelong” codicil, I take it if a child’s parents get divorced the child is also ejected from the school? In the unlikely event that Rush Limbaugh ever procreates, his children will be unwelcome at this school…

  2. and the sins of the parent shall be visited upon the child.

    This really just falls back on a major flaw in organized christianity, the punishment factor, or carrot and stick trick. If you do this you go to heaven, if you don’t do this, or you do something we don’t like, you go to hell (or wait in only partial suffering, till enough people pull for you or you have done enough time, etc). So these two women have, in St. Vincent’s Episcopal’s opinion committed the unthinkable and until they do as God demands and commit and submit their bodies to men or a man who may or may not love them, denying all joy and fullness of life to become salvation vessels for the male of the species. Their daughter, who currently is receiving the wrong information about what her role in life is (see above, salvation vessel) and what “true” love is, is ineligible for the benefits and blessings of a christian community because her mothers MUST be punished even if it is through the young girl, after all association makes us unclean. Pity that public punishments, such as burning at the stake are no longer accepted practices, because making an example of the effects of “wrong” behavior” to the public are much more effective than just a news story, and showing the ability of christian love to save a soul from more severe punishment in eternity by ending the capability to sin further in this life and doing it in such a way that satisfies god’s demand for painful punishment is just so much more Jesus centered

  3. A good precis of orthodoxy, viderepercipere.

    Of course, unfortunately (for you), it’s a good precis that automatically condemns you to an eternity of unspeakable torments in hell.

  4. At the end of the nineteenth century, reformers launched a campaign to remove the idea of “bastardy” from American law. In 1946 my State of Illinois birth certificate still carried the notation that I was “legitimate” but by 1950 that had stopped appearing on the certificates. So nice of acna to drive us back all those years.

    One assumes they also favor a bar sinister on drivers licenses?


  5. I’m not sure about the bar sinister, Jim. But I do know that if either parent is stopped for speeding and fined, their child is taken out of the classroom into the playground and flogged.

  6. In a convergence of great minds, I posted over at FoJ about the Roman Catholic examples of this foolishness.

    What I don’t understand is why you would want your child to go to a school where they will teach her to hate her parents.

  7. I think it may be a cunning plan, IT. I never accepted anything my teachers taught me about morality and stuff. Perhaps they hoped that by sending their daughter to this school she would rebel against her teachers and end up actually getting along with her folks.

  8. My question, exactly, IT. It’s just one of the things I do not understand about such stories.

    Good for the Dallas Voice for understanding the “Episcopal” disconnection. I was just sure that the quote from “head of the school” was going to be a bit of “Mad” editing, but in this case, how can one parody the ridiculous?

  9. This is what the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth sent to the media today:
    Several news outlets are covering the story of a 4-year-old girl denied admission at St. Vincent’s School in Bedford because her parents are lesbians.

    Many of these stories refer to the school as St. Vincent’s Episcopal School. While this is indeed a private school, it is not an Episcopal school. Clergy at St. Vincent’s left The Episcopal Church in 2008, and have, in fact, been deposed by The Episcopal Church, which means they can no longer function as clergy in our church.

    This confusion is understandable because even though they and former bishop Jack Iker have left The Episcopal Church, they continue to use our name and to occupy Episcopal Church property. The Episcopal Church is in litigation over these matters in the 141st District Court in Tarrant County, Texas.

    All the schools in the continuing Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth (established by the General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 1982) have policies of non-discrimination in matters of admission.

    We appreciate your efforts to report this story as accurately as possible and hope this information is helpful.

    For more information, contact Katie Sherrod, Director of Communications, Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.

  10. Perhaps, IT, they sent their child to *this* school precisely because it was (FRAUDULENTLY!) calling itself “Episcopal”?

    {{{Katie}}}, please keep us appraised on the legal status of this school (et al).

    God help me: when the sherriff comes to kick these (ahem) b@stards out of OUR Episcopal property, there will be much rejoicing in heaven! (Or at the very least, in the homes of those who aren’t “behaving properly” ;-/)

  11. “ineligible for the benefits and blessings of a christian community . . .” I see nothing ‘christian’ about that community. They are christianists. What hateful people!

  12. As a private school, I suppose these a**hats can discriminate against whomever they wish. 😛

    But as Katie explains above, they have no right to use the term “Episcopal”. They are, by their own admission, no longer part of The Episcopal Church in the USA – so it’s blatant false advertising (to say nothing of how their distasteful actions tarnish the reputations of real Episcopalians).

  13. As a private school, I suppose these a**hats can discriminate against whomever they wish. 😛

    As an Englishman that statement is not a truism for me.

  14. I got a message from the Director of the Association of Southwest Episcopal Schools yesterday after I wrote her of my concern that this school was still accredited by them. She had already contacted the school that morning (and the board of directors of the association to keep them informed) and asked the school to remove the accredidation Logo of the Episcopal Church from their website. They are being nice and not stripping them of accredidation because it would punish the children and faculty – the school has until 2011 to get accredited by another agency.