FOR TIM MINCHIN — 9 Comments

  1. That’s a cheap shot from Erp, but then I guess it’s a cheap shot from Mad Priest, too. Cheap shots are not necessarily bad as long as they hit the target. Mad Priest has, as ever. Very funny, MP.

  2. Will the new post tell me who these people are and why Tim Minchin? I looked him up and he doesn’t look like either of these two and so I am just dim – I don’t get it. Yet, the punchline by the larger guy is, still, funny. Go figure.

  3. The two figures in the photo are Christopher Hitchens (right) and Richard Dawkins (left) (both of whom MP would describe as ‘militant atheists’); Hitchens was recently diagnosed with cancer. Robert Johnson is a musician who died young and supposedly made a Faustian bargain to become a great musician. Not sure where Minchin fits in.