Here's a song to speed Mimi on her merry way.

(I thought it best to get the old gal in a good mood
as she'll soon be heading my way at 500 m.p.h.)



  1. I’m coming, and you’d better do all in your power to put me in a good mood, or, before you know what’s happening to you, I’ll hug you out of pure spite when I see you.

  2. Oh, I’m just noticing, the performances are live from Tipitina’s! I’m in a good mood. For your sake, just hope the mood lasts.

    My grandson likes the cartoon. He’s 10. He actually said, “That’s you, Mimi.”

  3. It is a very good think that Mimi is a better Christian than you, Mad One. Otherwise, i would mind where she stows that luggage.

  4. Bwahahaha!! MP, this is one of your best! Love the Booker, too.
    Be safe, Mimi!


  5. Mad Priest – you’re flying Mimi to the moon?? …

    “Let me see what spring is like
    On Jupiter and Mars …”

    Ahh, it’s beautiful really.

  6. I’ve only just caught up with this story, I’m SO SO envious!
    Have a great time everyone, this sound absolutely perfect.
    I wish you a holiday with sunshine, no pesky Scottish midgets, sparkling blue skies and lots and lots of fun!

  7. Yes, Dah•veed. Although Mimi usually tries to smuggle in a good supply of her own moonshine as it is considerably stronger than what you can purchase locally.

  8. it is considerably stronger than what you can purchase locally.

    Also, it is dual purpose, as I believe you can run the car on it if needs be.

  9. They tried using it to power the space shuttle, but it is so powerful that the liquid fuel tank, the big white part in the middle, almost left the solid rocket boosters behind!

  10. Mimi’s moonshine – the most potent fuel ever invented.

    No, I suspect that some of the food from our dear Mimi’s neck of the woods would win that award 😉

  11. David, are you sure the secret ingredient in those sauces is not Mimi’s moonshine though? …

    wv – damme!!!

    Thank you ma’am.

  12. Cathy,

    No dearest, the active ingredient is cayenne pepper 🙂 (BTW, if you’re shopping for Louisiana-style hot sauce, look at the ingredients list. If the first item is peppers, you’re probably good to go – if it’s vinegar, you can do better)

    Of course, many of our delightful lady friends here are hot enough that all they’d have to do is dip their little finger in whatever you’re cookin’ – no condiments needed ;->

  13. This was worth a visit: sic ’em, Mimi!

    And, BTW, Cathy, is that still you? The journalist from Oz? You had a good picture before, but dayum!

  14. David – what would the ladies on this blog do without you? …

    Johnieb – awww!! thanks!!! you’ve made me day!

  15. Hey guys, from Tobermory. MadPriest is a lovely tour guide, but he sometimes gets grumpy with me. Still, the scenery is breathtaking, so it’s worth putting up with the periods when he gets in a bad mood and forbids me from talking to the driver. He doesn’t forbid Cathy. Hmmm.