SEXY ORTHODOXY — 11 Comments

  1. “Non-traditional sexual orientation”

    A tradition now, is it? It is humorous that our detractors seem to be only talking to themselves to shore up the troops. They certainly cannot be genuine in their attempt to change hearts and minds with such nonsense.

  2. Russian is a damn hot language, I’ll give the Orthodox church that. Maybe that’s why they find so many pantsless wimmins hanging about? …

    PS Dudko is aptly named.

  3. This would be the same Russian Orthodox church that excommunicates practising gay people and has hit the press in London for unseemly arguments which led to English convert congregations moving to the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, because the real Russians wanted things done just like home? Full of crap then as usual! Greg

  4. I thought that one of the main appeals that Orthodox Churches had for converts was that the services are unintelligible to laypeople and that the consecration is held out of sight behind the iconostasis. I suspect that the Latin Mass would do just as well for some converts.

  5. My husband is Greek Orthodox and I’ve attended their services. Most is done in English, some in two languages, and some in Greek, but a person used to the traditional ordering of a mass would know what is going on.

    There is at least one Orthodox priest out here who feels awful about the position the church takes towards women and GBLTs. He has said that he’d like to invite gay friends of his to join his congregation, but realizes there is not much he can offer them as far as acceptance is concerned. I think it leaves a hole in his heart that he can’t make this right.

    But since the whole church has to be consulted on making changes, he doesn’t see that happening–a major argument against centralizing church practices in the Anglican Communion.


  6. Heh!

    “the Russian Orthodox Church gives maximum freedom”

    Chew on THAT gob-stopper!

  7. What always amazes me in such proclamations from Orthodox and RC spokesmen is that they don’t seem to realize that what they’re saying is that their churches are getting converts, not because the converts love Orthodoxy or RC’ism, but because they hate their ex-church.

    Are they really that unaware?

  8. I don’t think they are, Mark. Personally, I think it’s straight forward opportunism based on the biggest is best principle.

  9. I agree. Unfortunately, I have to admit that most clergy, even at a local level, are guilty of such avarice at times. And I have to include myself among them. There have been plenty of times that somebody has joined my church because they have fallen out with their old church and I have felt, at least fleeting, feelings of triumphalism. Of course, such converts almost always turn out to be pain in the necks. They have usually been troublemakers in their previous church and will find reasons to cause trouble in their new church, very quickly.