Today's "Go To Church!" special has been submitted 
by Mark from Yale for the spiritual edification of us all .

Do I hear a Howlelujah?



  1. Love it!

    My cat, Leroy, expressed considerable concern at the “Howlelujahs” but Tara, the big dog just wagged her tail! (Harriet, the other cat, stayed hidden behind the curtains on the windowsill.)

    And the human of the household? Well! She is appropriately edified, yes she is.

  2. The performance creeps me out a bit (Okay, a whole lot!), but I can see where this song could be an important contribution to the canon of VBS tunes.

  3. I saw it earlier this week, and will not listen again, but I seem to remember some mention of the “leash of love.” The whole thing creeps me out. I would hope that this would never be used as a VBS song.

  4. If you look on Jim Steager’s website there is a pic of him (minus makeup, happily) and two dawgs, lovely, lovely dawgs, one a husky type and the other I can’t tell.

    Ellie – I think Leroy was probably right to be concerned about the Howlelujahs.

  5. Susan, I believe you can purchase a “leash of love” at the Pleasure Chest on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. Closer to you would be Good Vibrations in Berkeley.

    The whole thing creeps me out.

    Me too.

  6. Jesus says, “I think that’s kind of cute!”

    Jesus’s dog says, “I think it’s really embarrassing.”

  7. Well, that’s an improvement, Ostrich. There was a time when you would have just buried your head in the sand and pretended the nasty man wasn’t there.

  8. Just don’t let that nasty man think he has had anything to do with the improvement or I’ll be forced to cover him with aniseed and set the real dogs on him.