1. Difference between the anti-gay conservatism of Afrikaaner and Black South African culture (Discuss):

    Hypothesis: Afrikaaner culture is patriarchal, but it’s the abstract patriarchy of the developed world (Big Mr Sky God, per Calvin, at the top, and then a series of white men down from there)

    Black South African culture (like that of Uganda, Nigeria, etc) is the patriarchy of the clan or tribe. If Big Clan Daddy has direct control over which opposite sex partner one would marry, there’s no way in hell he’s going to let you choose one of the same sex!

  2. Iowa and several other states in the USA permit same-sex marriages. The Episcopal Diocese of Iowa is working on how to deal with that, given that we do have constraints in the rubrics of the Prayer Book and in Canon Law, but our bishop is supportive of finding ways to be “pastorally generous.” However, we do NOT permit “Wind Beneath My Wings.”