Obuasi, July 26, GNA - The Anglican Diocese of Kumasi has ordained its first woman priest of the Church, the Rev Mrs Priscilla Lovia Owusu-Asiedu.

She joined the priesthood alongside Rev Father Gilbert Dua Otuo-Acheampong, Rev Father Joseph Adarkwa-Yiadom Akowuah and Rev Father Augustine Kwasi Boateng Acheampong at an ordination service held at the Obuasi Saint Paul's Anglican Church.

The Right Rev Dr Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, the Diocesan Bishop who performed the ceremony, advised them to lead Godly lives to set good example to society.



  1. And more power to her, as well.

    But, notice that they refer to the men as “Rev Father” and to her as “Rev Mrs”.

    Just sayin’…

  2. To be fair this is a constant issue for we Catholically inclined Anglicans…… “Father” historically = Priest BUT “Mother” historically = Mother Superior [and not ordained.] To call her mother would make her a religious NOT a priest like the men……

    Not sure anyone’s come up with a commonly accepted solution to this. (Yes it is all silly semantics and tosh! 😉 )

  3. I’ve heard that argument before, Freedom Bound, and I don’t buy it. The reason the Mothers Superior in the past were not ordained is because they COULDN’T be. Historically, the superiors of men’s orders were called Father AND secular priests were called Father. Why can’t that now be the case for women?

    As a religious and an Anglo-Catholic by background, I have no difficulty calling women priests “Mother” whether they are secular or religious. Furthermore, I think it implies a devaluing of the status of motherhood not to see “Mother” as an equivalent title of respect to “Father”.

    Of course, a rather elegant way out of this controversy would be to adopt the Lutheran practice of calling all presbyters simply “Pastor”.

  4. I totally agree – and most of ‘my’ congregation call me simply by my Christian name…….after all someone once attacked the very concept of using such titles in the community he was establishing…..