Loving Links, the UK based adultery service is celebrating 15 years of business this summer. When the agency first started in 1995 it was considered as 'outrageous'. The tabloid press were up in arms at this blatant attack on middle class morality. David Miller who created the service was even condemned by the Church of England and vilified by the highly conservative 'Daily Mail'. Now 15 years on the subject has gained perspective as the internet is littered with hundreds of 'married dating' sites openly promoting infidelity.

As a pioneer of the 'adultery' sector David Miller is philosophical on how things have changed and not neccesarily for the better. "When I started loving links it was never intended to be part of the sex industry. It was genuinely for men and women who found themselves trapped in celibate marriages, we have kept to our original plan but the sex industry has clouded the water and changed the market."

The loving links site has a more grown up feel to it than many of the newer more provacative offerings. For one thing, loving links has a real support community who communicate through the site's forum. "The forum" says Miller " helps users to realise that they are not alone and that thousands of other nice normal people have the same relationship difficulties that they do." Members of the forum even hold regular get-togethers at restaurants and clubs throughout the UK. This emphasis on developing relationships is in sharp contrast to many of the 'adult dating' sites who encourage the belief that affairs are something that can be 'instantly downloaded' like an I-Tune or a book from Amazon.

"Real affairs are not like that" says Miller "they have be worked on and developed like any other human relationship, to suggest otherwise is frankly delusional." The site also has a blog where Miller comments on relationship issues as well as a daily news feed from a team of specialist journalists.

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