Leading clergy in Brentwood have warned the ordination of female bishops threatens to split the unity of the Church.

One such traditionalist is the vicar of Ingrave, the Rev Paul Hamilton, who insists his views were by no way sexist but instead theological.

While Mr Hamilton strongly believes in equality, he said: "The key to traditionalists is the fact we call God father and because Jesus was a man. The priest is pointing to Jesus, so the masculinity of priests is as symbolically important as there being bread and wine at communion rather than lemonade and biscuits."

COMMENT: Oh dear. And this man is in charge of stuff?



  1. He is only 31 – give him time … he’ll learn that theology is tempered with mercy and justice.

    I wonder how he manages with the feminine gender of the Spirit of God in the Old Testament since God is Father. And if he is that bound to scripture as a template, has he not understood that in the creation of humanity both male and female were made in God’s image?

  2. If this level of stupid is required, maybe you are fated not to be a vicar. Who hired this idiot?


  3. Of course, he leaves out the fact that women founded some of the original Christian churches and supported them, often as leaders. The menfolk didn’t like this much and spent the next few centuries pretty much eliminating the role women had in the early church. Give some people blue pencils…..

  4. “The priest is pointing to Jesus, so the masculinity of priests is as symbolically important as…”

    I, a man, was walking down the street yesterday and a woman pointed toward me.

    Clearly this was a grievous crime on her part. Should she be stoned, or merely transported to Australia?

  5. Yes, Strangelove. But the men of the early Christian Church had to do that because God is a man. Unfortunately, Jesus made a lot of mistakes when it came to gender issues and the brave boys of orthodoxy
    had to correct his errors to save God the embarrassment of being thought of as gay or something.

  6. The priest is pointing to Jesus

    My mum told me it was rude to point.

    The Rev Paul Hamilton insists his views were by no way sexist but instead theological

    Funny how it’s never sexist, racist, homophobic … etc etc etc etc, etc etc etc

  7. I bet she chooses the stoning option, Dave

    She could always do both. I’m sure she wouldn’t be the first Brit tourist who went round Oz under the influence.

  8. If God had wanted women to be priests and bishops,
    He would have made a woman
    the means of His Incarnation,
    the agent of the first manifestation
    of His Real Presence
    in Body and Blood.

    Oh, wait…

    a thought for certain prelates and pontiffs,
    especially those who maunder on about ontology and function, from
    Tobias Stanislas Haller BSG

  9. Hey, let’s not be too hard on the Rev. Mr. Hamilton. (“Mr.” Hamilton? At which end of the twit spectrum does he reside?) What he says is essentially what Pope Paul VI (or his handlers) said back in the 1970s. It’s what converted me then on the issue of the ordination of women — namely, if this twaddle is the best argument you can come up with for not ordaining women, then the issue is settled for anyone with brains enough to recognize a version of the Apollinarian heresy.

    What do you suppose would have happened if the disciples had come back to Jesus from setting up the Passover Seder, and said, “Master, we couldn’t get any matzos or wine — they’re all sold out. Would it be okay if we had lemonade and biscuits instead?”

  10. I think Jesus would have said, “Oh, for goodness sake, you lot are useless! I should have sent Mary Mags to get them.”

  11. But, he DID send Mary Mags to go get them. That’s why there was bread and wine. Seriously, would you trust Simon Peter to do that?

  12. Heck, I’ve had Julian’s ear every day for twenty-five years– I’ll let her know.

    John-Julian, Founder, The Order of Julian of Norwich


    By the way, did everyone see Tobias Haller’s new poem posted today?

    E’er the Bread could first be broken
    in the Eucharistic Feast,
    Mary’s “Yes” must first be spoken.
    She the altar; she the priest.


  13. I’ve had Julian’s ear every day for twenty-five years

    Well, you can bloody well give it back you little tea leaf! How the heck can she listen to the woes of the poor of Norwich if you’ve got her bloomin’ ear?

  14. He looks like he plays for my team, so I’d guess he’s trying to hide that from himself and everyone else by trying to look as mascunlinist as possible in his speech. Picture fail.