From an article by John McKillop in THE NATIONAL POST:

When I’m finished writing the following, it will no doubt end up in my “damned if I do, damned if I don’t file;” a file that is steadily growing in width since I began to take issue with what I regard as the implosion of the Anglican Church of Canada in its total embrace and elevation of the politically correct as it replaces the gospels with loftier notions of “social justice” and the Church Street doctrine of “diversity and inclusiveness.”

This coming Sunday is the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, and I will be attending the Patronal Festival in her honour at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Toronto.

I rejoined The Ritual Choir (at St. Mary Mag's) after returning from Prague this past Easter Vigil. I returned home after 14 years for a number of reasons, one of the happiest being that there was an opportunity to produce in Canada a play I had written and produced while in Prague. It is a two-act comedy which deals with among other things the blessings of same sex unions that the Anglican Church has been ripping itself apart over for more than a decade. Though the play is a comedy, it doesn’t toe the politically correct line. I was warned by a friend in the choir there was a same-sex couple in the choir and was told to try not to give offence.

I never discussed the issue of their civil partnership (I will not call it a marriage) nor did I mention my play.

I noticed in the following weeks that the couple was not showing up for choir rehearsal and when I inquired as to where they were I was told by the Cantor of the Ritual Choir that both had decided to take the summer off in order to re-evaluate their commitment to the choir. When pressed further as to why this was, the Cantor replied that they no longer felt that they had a “safe environment” in which to sing. Asking further as to why this was, I was told in low tones from the Cantor of St. Mary Magdalene that, “Frankly, John, it’s because of you.”

I have now made the decision to become a Roman Catholic. As the late Anthony Burgess once put it, “Every dogma has its day” and I live in hope that one day the Anglican Church will wake up from its present torpor and laziness and regain the heritage and culture it could once boast about.

I no longer feel the Anglican Church of Canada is a safe environment in which to think.

COMMENT: Right. Let's run through this one.

Mr McKillop writes a play which, in order to get laughs, is offensive to certain minority groups in society (he uses the phrase "doesn’t toe the politically correct line" in stead of "offensive," but that's just semantics - they mean the same). Now, I have no problem with him doing that. Even The Czech Republic is a free country nowadays and Shakespeare did it all the time. But then Mr McKillop becomes offended because the people he deliberately offended in his play take offence.

For goodness sake, John! I think you need to pop down to your local hospital and get one of the surgeons there to implant a spine in your back. And what's all the moaning about the Anglican Church? It obviously gives you loads of material for your dabblings in the theatre. What a drama queen!


WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN! — 13 Comments

  1. Notice that the same-sex couple (who Mr McKillop won’t dignify w/ the term “marriage” . . . even though in Canada, that’s EXACTLY what they have) never even said “Boo” to this pathetic phobe.

    He pressed and pressed and PRESSED the friggin’ Cantor, and when the Cantor finally coughed it up under duress, it’s the PHOBE who’s being oppressed? (“The vapors, the vapors! Must swim the Tiber!”)

    This guy is revolting beyond the telling of it. Rome can have him, and GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

    [Doncha get the feeling that the only reason McKillop even “re-joined” this church in the first place, was that he felt it (and/or the choir) would be some kind of Fan Club for Himself, the Great Bard? Nothing about, y’know, glorifying God or eating Jesus or any other such trivialities…]

  2. When one denies having given offense, odds on, they have. While Mr. McKillop may not have discussed the issue of civil partnership, or his play, the couple didn’t stop coming merely becuase he sang off key. And, to cover the waterfront, the reaction of other choir members likely would be determinative

    I wonder who the choir would most want to have back.

  3. I’m with you on this – but why is da loopy journo still going to SMM’s Patronal? I smell right wing Tridentist closet case verging on the bleeding obvious (Jesus still loves him BTW).

  4. Hmm. Did you notice this comment over on the original article?

    “Why would you leave now that you’ve chased the FAGS off?”

    Oh, the snark!

  5. “as it replaces the gospels with loftier notions of “social justice”…”

    Silly me, and all this time I thought social justice was the message contained in those gospels.

  6. If McKillop has a marriage I will not call it that. False equivalencies in oppressive contexts gain no sympathy from me.

  7. Makes me wonder if he would have written the play in such a way as to be as offensive as possible to black people. Or handicapped people. Or women. Or Latinos. Et cetera.

    If not, then that tells me everything I need to know.

  8. Free publicity for a play that probably isn’t all that great anyway! What a total ass! His replies to some of the comments are even worse than the rant.

  9. Yes, WAO–what an ass***. Never been to a service at SMM, but I know it’s high church; assumed it would be a gay-friendly place. Not so?

  10. Actually, I think it is gay friendly and the rest of the choir told the phobe what they thought of his bigotry – that’s why he is leaving.

  11. I think he’s made the right choice. He’ll be much more happy there, and the gays in the choir won’t be as offended.

  12. Quite frankly, I think the proper response to McKillop’s “I’m taking my play and going home to the RCC” should be “BYE!”


    Period/full stop.