My suggestion is:

"Half way through her first communion, Mimi spotted 
MadPriest sitting in the congregation."

Now it's your turn...



  1. If your caption is accurate, Mad Priest, the other girlie in the picture seems to feel you must be up to no good as well.

  2. Ha! I suspect that’s what my sister and I looked like when we made our first political statement: booing Nixon when we passed his local hq when he was running for VP with Ike. We shocked our parents who had no idea we’d picked up political sensibilities that young (we were about four and five).

    I had a hairstyle very like the child sticking her tongue out, and my sister had a “mad look” very much like the scowling child in the back.

    LOL, MP! And Fr. Kenny!


  3. Susan S FTW!

    [Where does this pic come from? (I think I’ve seen it before. Bettman Archive?)]

    [wv, “smsgrabi”: a ship where there’s plenty of friggin’ in the riggin’!]