My anti-troll software doesn't like proxy servers. In fact, it hates them.

Therefore, if you use a proxy server (and you know if you do because it's a deliberate choice) you may find yourself unable to get through to OCICBW... If you are not a troll or spammer and you do not use a proxy server but still find yourself blocked from my blog then email me with your IP address and I will resume your access immediately.

If you are not a troll or spammer but have decided to use a proxy server then tough. You shouldn't be such a coward.


BLOG NOTICE — 7 Comments

  1. er… what if we are closely related to trolls??

    I did forget to tell you that many of my Nor-vee-gen relatives were very closely related to the trolls… or they associated with them… them and the nisse…

    Lotsa stories about the nisse and the trolls…

  2. If you read the notice carefully, skittles, you will discover that, even as a troll, you only need to worry if you get blocked. And that shouldn’t happen if you don’t use a proxy server or act like a “naughty” troll. As far as I’m aware, good trolls go to heaven.

  3. working hard to come up with a smart ass comment about a waiter or waitress named Proxy – but it’s just not working. sorry, I tried though.

  4. Dennis, weirdly enough I tried to do the same – come up with a proxy pun – and couldn’t get it to work either.

  5. “Hi, my name is Proxy and I’m going to be your server today…”

    Proxy Server walked into a bar…

    Oh, well.


  6. Sometimes I get emails from people saying they can’t get through to OCICBW… Usually this is because they’ve been blocked in error and I fix it. However, I can’t fix it if they use a proxy because that would allow the trolls in. Of course, you can never block the cleverer trolls for long but you can annoy the hell out of them by playing cat and mouse.