Thank you all for your kind messages of sympathy. Callum was a wonderful dog and through my grief I do feel blessed to have spent over 14 years with him. I can't express my feelings any better than Professor Linzey does in his prayer and I know Callum's running free and barking loudly on the best bit of beach that God can find for him.

Jane (aka Mrs MP)

And a huge thank you from me as well. That so many of you took the time to leave a word of sympathy has been of enormous help to both of us. God bless you all and God bless the Internet tubes, without which I'd be a lonely, grumpy old sod and not a grumpy old sod with loads of friends. (MP)



  1. We love you both and also Glenna, Delphi and Henry. Whitey and all the cats can’t forget your cat as well as the dogs.

    God’s peace to you … Jonathan and Jane

  2. Jane, yours is a lovely thank you. May God continue to comfort you and heal you. I pray that the 14 years of happy memories of Callum will ease your grief in time.

    Jonathan, you are blessed in your wonderful wife, Jane, and you are blessed with a host of friends who care about you, and, although you’re a grumpy old sod, there’s something about you that holds your wife with you and draws your friends to you. I can’t think what that something is at the moment, but it may come to me later. 😉

    (Not wanting to be excessively soppy, you know.)

  3. Back atcha, Saintly Jane.

    Whitey, thanks for remembering Henry (that’s the cat, right?). I remember the little gray cat who adopted my parents (note wording!), as she was soon after her favorite “pillow”, Sasha our Lab, got her Golden Tail. A look of puzzlement: where did the Big Black Warm Cuddly Thing go? 🙁

  4. Dear MP and Mrs. MP, at our house we continue to keep you and your household in our prayers. Of course, Miss Xena says, “Woof” to everyone as well.

  5. What Mimi said too. It is lovely to hear from Mrs MP and I love the thought of Callum running free and barking on God’s best beach.* Grumpy old sodness is Mad Priest’s bestest and nicest quality. God bless you both.

    (* Isn’t this Bondi??? … Oops, sorry)

  6. Peace to you and Mrs. MP. Another friend had to put down a dog last week when illness was getting the better of him. So prayers for all pet owners. And may the souls of all dogs take pleasure running the along the beach… which hopefully are free of nasty tarballs!