1. I can’t tell what sort of dawg it is, it’s beautiful though – Mad Priest, do you know?

    One thing I have noticed about the Soppy Sheila selection is that people do love the puppies but they love pics of dawgs that belong to OCICBWers even more (dawgs they feel they know, as it were).

  2. The problem with pics of my birds is that it doesn’t matter how small the camera is, they freak out because they don’t know what it is, and so they look horrified in every picture. I’ll try and dig one out at some point though – they are very sweet.

  3. Ha! I can’t ask them sadly since they only talk bird. They are, however, also inexplicably terrified of hats, hair bands, sunglasses, Christmas wrapping paper and floral dresses. They like police sirens, though – they seem to think the sound is a giant neighborhood bird and they always call to it loudly.

  4. By any chance are the above mentioned items similar to items you have thrown at people in your birds’ presence in the past. I once dropped my house keys and they landed near a Jack Russel terrier we used to live with. From then on, every time I took my keys out of my pocket she ran for cover.

  5. No, I’ve never dropped or thrown anything like that anywhere near them.

    I’ve never had a pet parrot who wasn’t freaked out by floral or bright patterns. I don’t know why. Birds have ultraviolet vision and can see plumage patterns on other birds that humans can’t, so maybe that has something to do with it. As for the sunglasses etc, they don’t like anything that makes a difference to how my head looks. Again, I don’t know why. They raise or lower their crests to communicate, so some connection there perhaps? Either way it’s a bird thing. I just have to be careful to keep stuff they don’t like away from them.