1. I hope your dogs are ok and not grieving too much over Callum. I’m always amazed how it even takes a guinea pig 3 days to get over the loss of one of the gang, it must be really hard for your dogs.

  2. Thanks, Erika. Like Mrs MP and myself they have been getting used to the idea for some while as Callum took a good year or so to slowly slip away. When it comes to animal bereavement I am always amazed at the intensity of grieving experienced by cows and many breeds of birds (especially when it is their young who have died).

  3. She is saying, “Come on, chase me!,” Mimi. It’s Delphi’s favourite outside game. Glenna likes it as well. But her favourite out side game is looking for food people have dropped, closely followed by eating sheep shit.

  4. Anyway, it’s been lovely chatting with you about sheep shit, Jonathan.

    Tom and I are going out to eat at the Maple Street Café in New Orleans. See you later.

  5. Delphi: “Let’s play chase!”
    Glenna: “Let’s look for sheep droppings!”
    Delphi: “Cool! Chase me as we look!”


  6. The countryside looks spectacularly gorgeous in these two pics. Britain is so lovely. How blue is that water. And the hills! It’s like bloody Narnia.

    I guess they must have a superior variety of sheep poo up your way as well, Mad Priest? …

  7. Those are wonderful pictures.

    The first time I ever encountered animal mourning, was when my first shepherd, Strider, died, and Dad’s golden, Pippin, took off eating and became quite listless for some time (I was finishing up school, and living with the folks at the time.).

    Today, Dad was telling different family members what legacy he was leaving them with in absence of great wealth. He told me mine was “love of dogs.” Yep, that’s pretty much right. He is in agreement that man and dog’s relationships must have something to do with a glimpse of creation perfected.

  8. Lovely pics, MP. I’m a plant idiot, though. Could you tell me what that is in the lower picture?

    I remember when we had two cats–sisters. One ran away or was stolen or killed (we never found out). The one who was left, Boots, never got over the loss. Her whole personality changed, and she became quite frightened of everyone but us…and field mice, her favorite thing to chase, corner, and torment.

    –sheila, very glad she didn’t live in sheep country then–

  9. I think that must be a trait of all dogs. A friend whose house was out in the woods had two Schnauzers who were forever snarfing up rabbit poop. We also had a peek-a-poo who earned the nickname, Litterlips. We had to put up a child safety gate on the utility room door to keep him away from the kitty potty.

    All that’s neither here nor there. What I started out to say is Glenna and Delphi are both beauties. I am glad they have each other. That should make the loss of Callum easier for them to cope with.

  10. Which twin wears the Toni? [Yank advertising slogan which dates me]

    Seriously: Delphi is on the left? I don’t think I’ve seen Glenna and Delphi side-by-side before, and I didn’t realize they look so much alike (to me).

    What Cathy said about the countryside. Gorg’!

  11. I was wondering (along with Sheila) what flower that was. It’s lovely. It looks vaguely like an Australian bush flower, but that’s incredibly unlikely. Shame no one hanging around on OCICBW appears to be a flower expert or we could find out.

  12. Ah, yes, fond memories of trying to keep the dog out of the kitty litter. Bad breath indeed! And my husband’s old dog loved cow patties–for eating or rolling.

    I’m no plant expert, but here’s a wild guess on the plants: salad burnet (Sanguisorba minor minor)? No one knows how to do plant keys better than the Brits (

    WV: mocodul–how dull you become when you spend all your time keying out plants instead of being outdoors enjoying them.

  13. Or probably it’s Sanguisorba officinalis: great burnet in Britain, grande pimprenelle in France, official burnet in California. Not quite the scarlet pimpernel.

  14. I’ve just looked up Sanguisorba officinalis and it is a definite match, well done ginny and thank you.