Welcome everybody to the launch of a brand new feature here at Of Course, I Could Be Wrong...

What I want from you are your suggestions of stuff from that most cringeworthy decade, the 1980s, that could actually be regarded by right-minded people, such as ourselves, as a "good thing." It can be anything - music, film, books, people, news events etc. etc.

You can give me your nominations via email or by commenting on the threads. You stand more chance of having your suggestions posted if they come with an explanation of why you consider them worthy of inclusion.

To get things going I offer up the music of Pete Wylie and his band Wah! along with the international, and eventually successful, campaign to free Nelson Mandela.


WHAT DID THE 1980S EVER DO FOR US? — 8 Comments

  1. What I want from you are your suggestions of stuff from that most cringeworthy decade, the 1980s.

    Sorry, but “most cringeworthy” still goes to the ’70’s. Double knits. Leisure suits. Facial hair. The Bee Gees. Disco. John Travolta dancing.

    “The horror! The horror!” And the only redeeming international event was the ignominious end to the Vietnam War. The symbol of the decade is the last helicopter lifting off from Saigon.

    Otherwise: carry on. The ’70’s blanked the ’80’s for me. It took me a decade to recover, and then the ’90’s were upon us.

    It was almost too much….

  2. Positive things that came from the 1980’s? Oh, the end of the Cold War comes to mind. How’s that for cringe-worthy?

    I must agree with RMJ that the 1970’s beat the 80’s hands down when it comes to high cringe. That’s my tuppence, YMMV

  3. Where do you think they are?

    I would suggest that you go back and read the post and then think carefully about what I might be doing with everybody’s suggestions, but that would be patronising – especially as work in the media.

  4. What, have I actually succeeded in infuriating you? … You once told me I’d never manage any such achievement.

    Anyway, that wasn’t my intention, Mad Priest. I was merely thinking that if I had to post it again there’s no way I’d remember what my exact list was. That was all.