From David | Dah•veed:

I am quietly in Dallas having lab tests and other exams regarding problems and weirdness with my liver. Possibly a result of the chemical poisoning I experienced with the toxic fruit a little over a year ago.

COMMENT: Shouldn't someone notify the border patrol?

Hands together and fingers crossed for our good friend, El Mexicano. May he back to full health as quickly as an English football team can get knocked out the World Cup. We need him in full working order - he's the only person round here who knows how these computer thingies actually work!



  1. Ah, lote, the wonders of a vintage ASS…I’ve known many and may be in possession of one myself although I think of my innermost bodily wholeness as charming, bubbly and witty (although sometimes “singing my own praises” makes me go slightly flat).

    I too am abroad at the momento…it’s always expanding.

  2. Prayers are being lifted & will continue to be lifted.

    and may your fears be eased & anxiety calmed.

    Remember that you have friends who care.

  3. The Dahveed Bum Shot: the gift that keeps on giving! ;-X

    Seriously: prayers ascending for you chico lindo!

  4. For once and for all: there are no spots on that bum. It is a spot-free bum. It is also, as JCF has kindly pointed out, a gift that keeps on giving, and, as Leonardo has kindly pointed out, a vintage ASS.

    Prayers for Dah-veed – may the weirdness turns out to be nothing serious at all.

  5. Prayers, Dah-veed. May the medical staff find some easily explained nothing that can be quickly dealt with.

    P.S. Add me to the column of those who think that you have a cute bottom.

  6. Only because I’ve spent 5 hours photoshopping them out pixel by pixel.

    In the nicest possible way, I just do not believe that at all.

    It is an angelic bum. There really ought to be a heavenly chorus sounding in the background.

  7. Prayers ascending indeed, although I thought houston was the center of the medical world (or at least in that part of the country).

    Good luck.

    WV: alcatio – sounds sort of Spanish, but I thought a “cat” was “Gato”?

  8. Prayers for Dahveed.

    Remind me never to share my medical problems with you people, especially MP. (For whom I continue to pray anyway.)

    (WV: “tesch.” But that’s not how it’s spelled!)

  9. Prayers for Dah-veed from here, too! And ten out of ten for the lovely rear view.


  10. Prayers here also. And if Dah-veed is anywhere near Parkland Hospital while he’s in Dallas, he’s in good hands. I know the doctor who’s over the liver clinic here and she’s top-notch.

  11. Thanks, David. But has your doctor had much experience with Mexicans? They have a completely different physiology to the rest of the human race. For a start I hope she knows that they respond much better if prescribed home made ice cream rather than anti-biotics. They also have a pronounced fevered brow that needs to be mopped regularly, preferably by young, good looking male nurses.