At the General Synod, the Bishop of York, has, allegedly, just likened the Equality Act to the Abortion Act - and not as a positive comparison. This follows on from his recent assertion that women couldn't raise children on their own.

Sentamu was once the darling token black man of the political left and was always being called on to make white people feel guilty about the racism of a few fascist, London chavs. Like so many from his ethnic background he has revealed himself to be, in too many ways, more bigoted, tribalistic and unenlightened than even a member of the BNP would be comfortable with. Unfortunately, as in the case of the Californian vote on same sex marriage, his (self) righteous conservatism does more harm to the race equality cause than every far right activist joined together could ever hope to achieve.



  1. The CoE really has to ask itself if the commissioners who choose archbishops are Romans. They clearly do not have the CoE’s best interests at heart.

  2. That’s it! It’s the bloody Romans! They’ve been hiding out in the Welsh hills for 1600 years and now they’ve returned to try and conquer us again. We need a new Queen Boadicea to rescue us. Cathy – where art thou?

  3. I don’t know, Doxy. A little kookaburra told me. But I will post the relevant details when I have them (unless they are boring and completely without any controversial content).

  4. The new Boadicea? Oo yeah, I’m up for that. Only if my chariot is drawn by good-looking people though.

    Romans are no threat though, they’re wimps just like Johnny Foreigner everywhere, one glimpse of the good old British flag and the lot of them will just run away.

    BTW I completely read the Rev Torey Lightcap’s comment as “all icons become idiots sooner or later”.

  5. PS I think to be strict it’s Boudicca rather than Boadicea – Queen of the Iceni – a tribe wot hung out round Norfolk way.

    No one knows what happened to her. The Romans never said. She could be hiding out in the Welsh hills too for all we know.

    No one knows what’s in them thar hills.

  6. It’s bloody scary! The damage she can do just travelling as a passenger on a London bus is quite horrifying. The thought of her in charge of a chariot with knives sticking out the wheels is simply apocalyptic.

  7. Thank you, David, and Mad Priest. I don’t know which of you has just paid me the bigger compliment 🙂

  8. David, you like women, full stop (period). I don’t think there is any need for you to put adjectives in front. Please preserve my bandwidth.

  9. Dah-veed definitely is.
    David, on the other hand, is like a Jack Russel terrier dog let loose in a poodle parlour, if you get my drift.

    And quite refreshing it is too round these parts.