The Church of England's ruling synod has decided that women bishops should be allowed. Members decided there was no need for further delay to the progress of a draft law allowing women to be made bishops. Minimal concessions have been given to traditionalist Anglicans who opposed the move.

They had sought exemptions from serving under women bishops and guaranteed access to a male alternative. But the synod decided women bishops should be able to decide the identity of any bishop entering their dioceses. They would also have the ability to dictate the functions these bishops could carry out. Women bishops would have only to consult a code of practice guiding them in their dealings with traditionalists.

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York backed a failed compromise plan.

Although supporters were celebrating a breakthrough, some traditionalists had left the synod chamber in tears.

COMMENT: Altogether now...



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  1. Whoo-hoo and Hallelujah! It seems as if it should all be downhill (if quite a ways downhill from here), n’est pas? Maybe at least the end is in sight!

  2. The male cleric in the cartoon probably feels the same about his altar boys and (male!) sub-deacons…

    In the vote on Saturday, I read the result and immediately cheered.

    I was so confused about today’s measure, I had to see who was cheering (and who as “in tears”) to know what had happened. O_o

  3. Yes. Everyone except the hardcore reactionaries will now move towards accepting that this is the desire of Synod and maybe even the working of the Holy Spirit. By the time it comes back from the dioceses it will be a done deal.

  4. The devil is in the details. The “code of practice” is the potential stumbling block. I hope it isn’t.

    Then there is this amazing prose from David W-J in the Telegraph referring to Dr. Williams:

    “They (Synod) could have been forgiven for listening to Dr Sentamu’s sermon about the Samaritan, who was left stripped and beaten by the side of the road, and seeing similarities with Dr Williams.”

    Someone should call Guiness that is a new record for hyperbole.


  5. I heard that there are different understandings of “consult” in Britain and in the U.S.A. This may have led to misunderstandings of the Episcopal Church’s assurances to “consult” with the Communion.

    In England, I think it has more of an implication to “decide together” or “seek advice.”

    In the U.S., it tends in the direction of, “We will talk together to tell you why before we do what we have decided to to do.”

    Do I have it right?

  6. I think that in respect of the Church of England hierarchy it means, “We will let the members talk about it among themselves. We will give them a brief opportunity to report back to us and then we will do what we wanted to do all along whatever the plebs say say.”

    In our deanery synods we can talk as much as we like. But deanery synods have no authority and any votes we take are purely for our own amusement.