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on 6th. July 2010:

My parents got their first giant breed dog when I was 16 and their last when I was 35. I mark to you the passing of their beloved Dante, who was a rescue Newfoundland. A wild-eyed yearling when they got him, he aged into the calm elegance of the breed, a true gentle giant with nothing but love in his great heart which finally stopped last night at the venerable age of 12.

For a proper appreciation of this noble creature go read our friend's post in full.



  1. Thanks, MP, for noting this. Dante’s passage marks an end of an era for my family. I was lucky to spend part of my youth in the company of a succession of Great Pyrenees and Newfoundlands; giant breed dogs are a special type of canine. I will miss him!

  2. Aw, sweet Dante. Now enjoying the Happy Hunting Grounds (Catch & Release!) w/ Mitzi, Sasha, Laika, Grendel, and countless more of the “Golden Tail” crowd…

  3. My ailing parents have their final, and aged, Golden Retriever, “Nugget.” About the time that my father’s colon cancer was diagnosed, Nugget also was discovered to have a malignant tumor. Dad, Mom and I were sure it was the end of the road for Nugget, and said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes. One of my older brothers showed up, and stated, “It’s just a dog.”

    Like hell he is! Why some don’t have the “dog chip” as part of their make up, I do not know or understand.

    Of course, Nugget has shown us all, and a year-and-a-half later is still going strong, and just an hour ago was on a brisk walk with me through the neighborhood.

  4. “It’s just a dog.”

    Oh catch up mate, for heaven’s sake!! This attitude is beyond me too, KJ.

    Dante has a lovely, big, gorgeous face and the photo makes me want to hug him.

  5. Dante was very huggable. He adored hugs. And tummy rubs. And when you stopped hugging or rubbing, he companionably banged you with a large paw asking for more.

    I agree some people lack the pet gene. I don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.

  6. IT, some people do lack the pet gene, but I really don’t understand how they can.

    Fifi, the cat I adored who has now passed on, loved tummy rubs. It’s hard not to warm to a cat or a dog who likes tummy rubs. You feel so appreciated.

  7. We appreciate you, too, Cathy: 3 times! 😉

    While I am unspeakably jealous that my 90 year old father has a girlfriend, and I don’t >:-/ —at least his gf has a Shih Tzu, “Chimmy”, who loves belly rubs.

  8. I’ve deleted all my ridiculous repeated comments above because actually in retrospect it seemed rather disrespectful to lovely old Dante, without meaning to be.