HE’S BACK! — 52 Comments

  1. Nice video — a Photostory production? In any event the places you visited looked amazing. I hope the experience was as much if not more wonderful than the video summary conveyed.

    Welcome back!

  2. #1: Great to see you back!!

    #2: The piccies are great!! and they make me want to go back & visit the UK again!!!

    and I wish I knew more about some of the pic locations.

  3. Lovely pics! And I love chickens. How did they get on with the goggies? The cottage seems very nice. I have a different picture in my mind associated with ‘cottage.’ Somehow I see them as smaller structures.

    I hope your vacation was refreshing for you both.

  4. I’ve been away too so I haven’t missed you much. 😉

    Lovely photos. Your doggies are really pretty. I keep fighting off getting a doggy. After all, it’s only been a couple of years since I got rid of the kids! I need to be unfettered and alive a few more years.

    Which “bloke” are you under the umbrella?

  5. Welcome home, Mad Priest, glad to have you back. From the looks of it, you and Mrs. MP had a fun time while on vacation.

    Great photos and a wonderful presentation. I really liked the shots around Flatford Mill. Like most Americans, I am a total sucker for anything with a castle in it. As for churches, Dad used to say he was going to get me a bumber sticker that said, “I break for Episcopal Churches.”

    What is “very hot” in East Anglia? It has been hovering between 95–100F (35–38C?–I’m not good at conversions) here in T-town for the past two weeks.

  6. It’s cool that you went to Iken for St Botolph. Besides having a funny name, he is the patron saint of travelers and dogs, if I’m not mistaken.

    Great video, and welcome back. You were missed.

  7. I owe my escape from the clutches of the bloodthirsty Saxon hordes of East Anglia to KJ, without whose natural and towering authority and unsurpassable magnificence we would all spend our time arguing about which one of us was best.

  8. 90 degrees, BooCat. In Newcastle 60 degrees is a hot day and, anyway, I prefer the cold. So, we (especially the thick coated collies) did suffer. It’s been many years since I slept without any covers on the bed and, of course, we don’t have those machines that make the air cold like you Americans do (it wouldn’t be worth it for the few days each decade that it gets unbearably hot in Britain – although that may change with global warming).

  9. Thanks, SR. We did ring but you were obviously busy. Which is not surprising with you having nine (?) parishes to look after. However, we will be back as there is so much that we didn’t have time to see and do.

  10. ’bout damn time!

    [Is that “Mad Priest the Tenth” or or are just getting rid of your “slave name”, ala Malcolm X? O_o]

    How thoughtful of you: a chicken dinner for each dog!

    “In the summertime, when the weather is fine”: I think I saw actual BLUE sky in about two slides. You really need to come visit me in California, Crazy Arse… ;-/

    Now: please give us your take on General Synod. Are bishops-wot-have-hoo-hahs FINALLY a done deal (I mean, by 2014, *Le Sigh*), or should we expect more shennanigans?

  11. At the moment I don’t give a flying shag what the Church of England is getting up to. I’m thinking of turning OCICBW… into a cookery blog.

  12. I’m thinking of turning OCICBW… into a cookery blog

    Oh, that would be fun. Didn’t you at one point claim you didn’t know how to do anything in the kitchen except heat water? … If my memory serves me correctly?

  13. At the moment I don’t give a flying shag what the Church of England is getting up to.

    I wish I’d known. I’ve been working overtime bringing the darkness in the Church of England into the light, because I thought that’s what you’d want me to do in your absence. I couldn’t do captions and photoshopping, but I did my second or third or fourth rate best. May I stop now?

  14. I could do that. I even know how to pass a camel through a needle’s eye.

    My WV is “banter”, which I took as a command to say something. I know. My banter is weak.

  15. Looks like a good time. I have been working on a recipe for fried archbishop brains but no one thinks there are any.


  16. I have been working on a recipe for fried archbishop brains

    There you go, Mad Priest – the first entry in your new cooking blog – supplied to you by “Hannibal Jim”.

    Then after Mimi has passed the camel through the eye of the needle you could do something with the resulting mince, I’m sure.

    This blog could run and run.

  17. Seattle (Fremont neighborhood) just made it into the Guinness Book for the city having the most zombies running around at one time (my daughter was there in full zombie-prom queen mode), and it turns out we have brains to spare. Give me the word and we’ll Tardis Express them to you with trial recipes.

    Good to see you back!!!


  18. Welcome home, MadPriest. That’s about all I can manage right now. It’s 4:30 in the morning over here. I was awakened by the timer going off on my stove (cooker for you Brits). I seem to have fixed it and I’m going to try to go back to sleep…

  19. Let me add to the chorus–good to have you back! The fotos make me want to get out of town! The humidity in the States is out of control. Reminds me of poor old Rowan. I wonder what he’s doing for fun.

  20. I too say “welcome home” and I’m glad you and Mrs. MP had a good holiday. I gather from these and earlier photos that the dogs love the beach. Most of your pix were of places not familiar to me, though Back In The Day I did scope out Norwich Cathedral before going down to Harwich to catch a ferry over to Holland. (I had been at Walsingham. I SAID it was Back In The Day!)

  21. [Is that “Mad Priest the Tenth” or or are just getting rid of your “slave name”, ala Malcolm X? O_o]

    JCF, he da king! His kingdom is…er…well, it’s somewhere out there, over there. I can’t remember the name, but it will come to me.

  22. Cathy, I said nothing about minced camel.

    True Mimi, but if you are needlework correspondent, and you successfully put the camel through the eye of your needle, I fear mince is the only possible result.

    Camel is probably quite tasty though. I bet you anything someone somewhere in the world eats it.

  23. Cathy, thanks for the link.

    Skin, trim and clean camel (once you get over the hump), lamb and chicken.

    Steam for 4 hours, then grill for 10 hours. Definitely needs to be prepared ahead of time.

    The recipe feeds 100 people. Nice for a party.

  24. Involves very little needlework, too.

    Though stuffing 20 chickens with rice and then getting the whole lot into one lamb sounds like a rather delicate operation.

  25. Oh dear, in fact thinking about that has made me feel slightly ill.

    If Mad Priest is da king, though, I suspect Whole Stuffed Camel is definitely the sort of thing he should feed his court.

  26. Speaking of camels:

    All things (e.g., a camel’s journey through
    A needle’s eye) are possible, it’s true.
    But picture how the camel feels, squeezed out
    In one long bloody thread from tale to snout.


    Welcome home