OCICBW... is going off air for a while. It will be back.

CHIN WAG @ OCICBW... will remain open. Members are encouraged to keep things going until I return.

OF COURSE, I COULD BE ON VACATION... is a law unto itself, but is worth checking out.

It's almost certain that Grandmère Mimi will get too big for her boots without me to keep her feet on the ground. If you could just mortally offend her at least once a week that should keep her relatively docile.

KJ is in charge.

And I leave you with my niece (and Goddaughter), Larissa, singing something classical like. We are a bloody talented family, there's no doubt about that.


SEE YOU LATER — 15 Comments

  1. Let him have the leather and whip, please, says sheila who is about to explore CW for the first time. That just might stop Toto from barking.

    Prayers continue for you and Mrs. MP!


  2. Gosh, a whole song cycle. Larissa has a beautiful voice.

    It’s always a bummer when OCICBW goes off air but everyone has to take a rest and get on with other stuff sometimes, so, prayers for you & Mrs MP from me too.

    I say KJ can have his leather and whip too.

  3. Please, before you go away, what is this wonderful piece of music? And is the rest of your goddaughter’s recital available somewhere? I would love to hear more.


  4. Oh, darn. Please delete my previous post. I got ahead of myself. For some reason, I assumed the sound file would include only one song. Now I see that it’s much longer — and it’s wonderful.

    I would still like to know what the “something classical like” is, though, since I don’t recognize it! Thanks. It is wonderful.

    Word verification: hymbilys. Billygoats in the choir?


  5. Glad you finally got round to listening to it!! Even though you stuck it on here…