There has been a heck of a lot of carping about the oil leak near Mexico, especially from Americans (which is a bit rich as it's not even in their gulf). It is obvious that most of this complaining is based on a knowledge base of absolute zero which, although considered acceptable for most US internal matters, is hardly the level of informed debate that is both enjoyed and expected in Europe and the English speaking bit of Canada, for example.

But help is at hand for our intellectually interesting friends living down the bottom bit of the good, old USA with the release of this video produced by the Australian media company, Speak Loud And Slowly Vids. It gives you all the details about the oil leak that you have clearance to know, delivered in a down to earth style by some bloke with an accent you can laugh at if the whole thing does turn out to be a little too complicated for you after all. Hopefully, after you have all watched it, we can then have a better informed and less hysterical debate on this minor incident, which, let's be honest, happened miles away from where anybody lives and not even on dry land. I'm sure we'll all be laughing about in a few years time.

A big thank you to Speak Loud And Slowly Vids' receptionist, Ellie, for slipping OCICBW.. a free copy in the post when the boss was out of the office. She's a good old broad.



  1. Brilliant, actually. I learned a lot from the video.

    If you could do one more thing for me, my dear Jonathan: please stop referring to the oil gushing into the Gulf, which, of course, legitimately belongs to Mexico, as once did Texas, as a leak or a spill. If you’re at a loss for another word, how about gusher?

    Thanks for your attention to this matter.

  2. D’oh, Mimi. You’re not telling me that you thought for a moment I wasn’t referring to it as a leak mainly to annoy you, are you?

  3. Mimi the Gulf of Mexico is just named for Mexico. It never was ours, unlike Texas. It is mostly Int’l waters with the exception of the territorial waters of mostly you lot, the USA.

    You notice I mostly stay out of this because no one has yet equaled what we did in the 70s.

  4. And speaking of the B52s, here’s a …

    Song for A Future Generation

    Wanna be the ruler of the Gulf Coast?
    Wanna be the king of the slick?
    Let’s cheat and cause a gusher now!

    Wanna be Darth Vader to your company?
    Wanna be a hated CEO?
    Let’s cheat and cause a gusher now!

    “Hi, my name is Tony, and I love yachts and Cuban cigars!”

    Wanna leave toxins for infinity?
    Wanna be the shittiest guy on earth?
    Let’s cheat and cause a gusher now!

    “Hello, I’m Carl, and I really care about the small people.”

    Wanna slime all the Gulf’s free enterprise?
    Wanna coat all the birds with goo?
    Let’s cheat and cause a gusher now!

    Wanna kill 11 good fathers?
    Wanna make Frankenstein’s sons?
    Let’s cheat and cause a gusher now!

    La la, la la la!
    La la, la la la!
    La la, la la la la la…


  5. David … are you referring to the Pemex Ixtoc spill and the shameful refusal to compensate for damages?

    That one affected the Texas Gulf Coast. It nearly wiped out the few remaining Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles. Fortunately they are now making a comeback. I remember cleaning tar balls off my feet for years after that one.

  6. Well, Mike in Texas, I gather that BP is burning Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles alive in the Gulf at the present. They get caught in the “burn box” areas and they are not letting rescuers in to get them out before the burn. BP just goes ahead and sets the fire, Kemp’s Ridley turtles and all. They may yet be wiped out after this. It is sickening to even contemplate.

  7. BooCat … This whole thing is so distressing I really hardly know what to say.

    David, there are still rare tar balls on my beloved Mustang Island (Port Aransas), but I don’t think they’re from Ixtoc. I think they come from leaky oil tankers and general sloppiness when filling them from the rigs.

    verification = dogoo