The Northern Province of the Moravian Church voted unanimously June 18 to enter into full communion with the Episcopal Church.

"I am abundantly delighted, and look forward to growth in mutual relationship and mission," Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said after learning of the decision. "I believe we have much to learn from the Moravian tradition."

From next Sunday at all Episcopal services the men will sit on one side of the church and the ladies on the other. However, the ladies will be allowed to wear their hats.



  1. Yay!!!!

    Some of my best friends are Moravians!

    And I love the phrase “abundantly delighted”. I will use it as often as possible!

  2. Yes, Paul. They are wafer thin and absolutely delectable. A former sister-in-law of mine (not a Moravian herself but who lived in Moravian country and was quite enamoured with all things Moravian) used to bake the cookies during Advent.

    I tried but I was no good at it.

  3. Ironically, the Bible tells us that women should keep their heads covered in church. It’s all so confusing.

  4. Sweet coffee & cookies! And singing “Morning Star” (got intro’d to the Moravians at Union Seminary: a Moravian student put on a Christmas celebration every year)

  5. Not to mention that the Moravians would protect their Native American converts from…y’know. The Christians (of the “Only good ‘injun’ is a…” variety)

  6. Most of them migrated ;-). The city of Winston-Salem, next city over from Greensboro, North Carolina where I live, has rich Moravian history. The “Old Salem” part of the city has various historical exhibits and also lovely Advent celebrations each year. I’ve never managed to get over there but in the interests of ecumenical cooperation I could get myself there next Advent with a camera and photograph the cookies and candles. (They are very good with pretty candlelight. Probably good enough reason for us to be in full communion.)

    I actually have a CD of Moravian music one of my students (who is of Moravian descent, non-practicing but likes learning about the tradition and wrote an interesting paper on it) burned for me. Wish I had one of those magic thingies MadPriest uses to turn them into digitized something or other – I could send it. There were a lot more brass instruments than I expected.

    Wv: kedsumau. Sounds like another word or numbers game.

  7. A P.S. to my previous comment: here’s the Old Salem info. As you see it’s not just about Moravians. You have to click around a bit to find the Moravian stuff.

    Here are the Moravian Archives:

    And here is the very interesting page on the Liturgical Year. Marian types, note the Lady Day!

    I will refrain from comment on some of the holidays specific to Moravians, as I am certain either MadPriest or someone else will find something interesting to say.

    Altogether a lovely tradition, and the PB is right, we can learn from it.

    I wonder if there will be any local celebrations with the Episcopal Diocese of NC.

  8. Oops, scratch that thing about the diocese: I see that it’s the Northern Province of the Moravians that is entering into full communion. There must be a story about the Southern Province. Jane, Girl Reporter, will investigate. Meanwhile, here is something about a Moravian congregation in Illinois. Click “history.”