Melinda Tankard-Reist of the Collective Shout grassroots campaign against the 'pornification' of culture, is urging underwear manufacturer Bonds to immediately remove from sale a bra marketed to eight-year-olds.

In February this year, protests from Collective Shout helped remove "Tweenage" bras - which reportedly promised to give flat-chested pre-pubescent girls "adult curves" - from the shelves of Best & Less stores across the country. The company apologised and said the product had been intended for a women's petite range of 8 AA to 12 B.

Bonds' marketing a similar bra to eight year-olds "is a further reflection of the sexualisation of our children and what has long been known as middle childhood, the period from nine until 14, which is an essential and critical part of growing up, is fast disappearing," Tankard-Reist said.

According to Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, a former Associate Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Melbourne: "A bra for eight year olds blurs the line between what is a little girl and what is a woman and in doing so violates an important societal norm that states that children should not be seen as sexual objects."

Bonds' general manager, Kate Hann has defended the company's "Soft Cup Bra" for eight year olds, saying it has been "driven by consumer needs."

COMMENT: I agree with Tankard-Reist. I imagine that bringing a daughter up to have a responsible attitude towards sex is difficult enough for parents without having to put up with "respectable" underwear manufacturers telling eight year old girls to "get their tits out."



  1. I agree with her, too. It’s a big enough deal to get one’s first bra, what we used to call a “training bra,” without making the kid worry about padding and cup sizes. And damn was it nice to be flat-chested for a couple more years. All those tees fit just the way I wanted.


  2. This is way too sexist! What about a codpiece for the lads? I can see them strutting around the corridors of their Primary School thrusting outwards with their velvet pouches, jewels dangling. Bring back the “Black Russian” I say.

  3. Oh, the training bra. I remember the acute mortification. In fact I remember being so embarrassed about it I prayed to God over the bra saying I didn’t really see the point of having to grow up and could I avoid it possibly if He could see a way to manage that. “Make it go away!”

    Anyway, there was a similar kerfuffle in the UK over kiddie bras. The Sun went to town with a front page headline that said “PAEDO BIKINI”, which I guess is the Sun’s idea of the headline with everything – breasts and perverts in one two-word hit.

  4. Are we so perverted as to corrupt the innocence of children, for hiding their bodies.

    When I was in Germany, 1980’s I thought it grand to see children being free enough to play in the part with out shirts or tops, just playing, boys and girls, and no one even flinched.

  5. What about a codpiece for the lads?

    What an excellent idea. It might encourage them to study Shakespeare with more attention, quite apart from anything else you could say about it.

  6. Most boys of that age are too busy trying to hide embarrassing unwanted erections, they are not going to be wanting to draw attention to themselves with cod pieces.

  7. I sometimes wind up our local Chinese fish & chip shop by going in and asking for a large cod piece and chips. There are always sniggers from the other customers…..

    Dav-veed – the whole point of the cod piece is that it hides that sort of thing whilst making one appear manly!

    I wonder if they’re available in the liturgical season colours?