From PM NEWS (Nigeria):

The Bishop of the Metropolitan See Of Anglican Communion, (Lagos West), Bishop Peter Adebiyi got what he did not bargain for from members of St. Paul’s Anglican Church Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria, yesterday. He had gone to the church along with over 50 Vicars of Anglican Communion in Lagos West to conduct the Sunday service and possibly make peace between the bishop and church members. But they were shocked that the members did not allow them to enter the church and when they were eventually allowing the church members disconnected the light and public address system and started singing negative songs instead of praises. This continued for about five hours between 7 a.m – 12 noon after which Bishop Adebiyiwas booed out of the church.

The bishop and the members of the church have been at loggerheads over the sacking of their former Vicar, Rev. C.E Mgbeokwere. The members protested that the Vicar was wrongly removed and since then they disowned the bishop and nobody has replaced the sacked one. The crisis got to a stage that the bishop ordered the closure of the church. But the members broke the lock and reopened the church and started conducting service on their own. Efforts to settle the rift have so far failed.

During one of the reconciliation meetings, the bishop used a foul language by referring to the church members as illiterates and this compounded the matter and the members backed out of the meeting.

The church had fixed 20 June, 2010 (yesterday) for their Father’s Day celebration. But the bishop informed the church that he was coming on that day and conduct the service. The members told him that he should change the date as they had slated that day for the celebration of Father’s Day. The bishop refused and said that the church was under him.

Reacting to the development, the church public relations officer, Tunji Oguntuase stated that he was shocked at the behaviour of the church members. He said that the bishop is the head of the Diocese and he can go to any church but the members were behaving as if they were on their own.



  1. No wonder Dr. Williams prefers the Nigerian approach to the American. One glance at that crosier, the haughty face and a quick reading of how he showed up with 50 sycophants and we know we have someone who understands the episcopacy the same way Dr. Williams does — as feudal lordship.

    Yup got to keep one’s inferiors (women) and anyone else we do not like out.



  2. I hope he explained to them that individuals can leave, Churches cannot. You have to leave behind the silver and the real-estate.

  3. …”the bishop used a foul language by referring to the church members as illiterates and this compounded the matter…”

    And upon reading this, I promptely collapsed in a fit of giggles.

    Dear God in heaven, the Church is such a mess!

    Word verification = staism.

    (Stay, I tell you. Do you hear what I said??? STAY!)

  4. Bravo, Wade. The mitre’s on the other head now…or under the other arm…or tossed in the wastebin where it belongs, in this case…