1. And this is my cheer for the morning! Thanks, MP, and thanks to Lisa for a gutsy rebuttal to the smug little chant about consequences.

    If I had this graphic on a flag, I might drive around the city cheering, along with all the other soccer/football fans.

  2. I am flattered. I do believe some twisted insistence that we all be alike, think alike, and speak with one voice lies at the core of Anglican controversies – and has all the earmarks of the devil’s work.

  3. Please
    JFK brought ridicule with his lack of German.(ich bin ein Berliner meant he was a sausage)
    it should read
    Ich bin episkopalisch

  4. Please do not make the same mistake as JFK (Ich bin ein Berliner meant he was a sausage)
    It should read
    Ich bin episkopalisch

  5. The language of wales

    Oh, right. I’ve heard records of that. It’s like they’re singing to each other. And the low notes travel for miles underwater.

  6. Just a thought. Singing, sounds traveling underwater, whatever, just so you-know-who will understand. But I hear he’s a man of many languages (except English, of course), so he many know German.

  7. “.(ich bin ein Berliner meant he was a sausage”

    Actually, it didn’t.
    Some parts of Germany use the term Berliner for a particular kind of donut, but like so many words Berliner has more than one meaning and the main meaning is “I am a man living in Berlin/coming from Berlin”.

    Germans have never understood why this error was perpetuated and used to ridicule the poor man.
    Probably a lack of language skills perpetuated to score a political point.

    Ich bin ein Berliner was perfect.
    Ich bin ein Episcopalian is perfect too.

  8. Two things, can you fix the German?

    Can you do two intertwined rings to the left of the word, “Rings?”


  9. Jonathan, I had lunch out to celebrate your birthday. Here It’s Father’s Day, too, but I thought about you during the entire lunch and honored you in my head.

    I had spinach-artichoke dip on toasted French bread as an appetizer and pasta primavera for my main dish. I toasted you with a good merlot.


  10. OK, if Jim wants it fixed:

    Ich bin ein Episkopale.

    But that would exclude women, so the best solution would be:
    “Ich bin Episkopaler/in”

    which is completely unworkable as a slogan. You might as well leave it as it is. It’s sounds good!